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Why I can’t call this a ‘Life Hack’

You know there are some words or sayings that for reasons unknown just get your back up?

I have a few…Lush, is one of the top ones.  Oddly I don’t take issue with it when used in its original context… “the jungle was so lush and green” That, I can cope with.  But if you tell me “You gotta try this, its lush!” you have instantly erased any desire I had to try the thing. (Unless its cake…there are always exceptions to be made for cake.)

Another is ‘Life Hack’.  It appears to have become a coverall phrase for a good idea, or a job something can perform that isn’t immediately obvious.  Which is fair enough, but more often than not they are not all that groundbreaking, I saw a great one not so long ago – 10 life hacks using paperclips – No1 was holding paper together…

So rather than Heres some White Vinegar life hacks, Im just going to say –

You NEED white vinegar in your Life!

Humble, unassuming White Vinegar, it can be so easy to overlook this product. It doesn’t have much glitz or glamour, it’s not a hot topic, but it does several jobs really well & can quietly save you a fortune whilst also being better for the planet. Here are a few of the jobs it will happily do for you, no questions asked!

  •  Replace your fabric conditioner (especially great for towels, gym wear and anything else that is designed to wick moisture off you!) Fabric conditioner put a coating on fabric that prevents it absorbing or wicking moisture.
  • Use as a Rinse aid in your Dishwasher
  • Cleaning Windows / Shower screens/ mirrors /glass doors. Streak free shine!
  • Make a fruit & Veg wash. The vinegar dissolves wax that may be coating the surface and removes pesticide residues. Make sure to rinse the food thoroughly in water.
  • Remove limescale from taps /shower heads /draining boards/ kitchen sinks
  • Remove fabric stains (dirt and organic) – Always test first!  Also good to brighten up collar and cuffs and any underarm marks.
  •  If your Pet has an accident spraying with white vinegar will clean and deodorise it. ( Also works when potty training toddlers goes a bit wrong!)
  • Unblock drains. Poor some bicarbonate of soda down the drain, follow with double the amount of white vinegar. when it stops foaming Run some hot water down. Wait a few mins and then run some cold water. Cleans and deodorises.
  • Gets rid of grease from Hobs, extractors, worktops and tables. Mix 50:50 with water, add 3 drops of washing up liquid.
  •  Cleaning inside and outside your Fridge.
  • Cleaning Wooden chopping boards
  • Clean windscreen wiper blades
  • By spraying your car windows with 3 parts white Vinegar to 1 part water will (supposedly, we haven’t actually tried this yet!) keep frost from forming. Far less toxic than Antifreeze!
  •  It’s great at removing wax, from candles to crayons.
  • Super at deodorising,  – for things like lunch boxes or plastic containers, place a slice of bread soaked in white vinegar in overnight, smell all gone by morning.
    For a room, place a shallow bowl of vinegar in the room and the smell will go. Works well for smoke, (aka-  it’s not burnt its caramelised!) fish,  bacon etc.   Or put ½ a cup of white vinegar into a saucepan of water and boil, and let it simmer for a while.

White vinegar can be used to clean or freshen up so many things around the home.  Whilst it does have a smell, it quickly goes as the vinegar dries leaving everything clean and fresh.

Please always try on small inconspicuous areas first as with any cleaning product.
We would love to hear if you have any other uses for it that we haven’t yet found!

(Please don’t use white vinegar on – Frosted glass, limestone, natural stone (i.e granite or quartz)  or marble worktops, metal plated surfaces where the plating is already damaged)

Also whilst we can at the moment only find White vinegar in plastic bottles, we feel that the saving on overall plastic made by using just this one product vs several. Plus the savings on chemicals in the home and water ways. Plus the fact that you can re-use and recycle the bottle. Whilst obviously not perfect is also better than not using white vinegar…

Try White Vinegar round Your Home! 

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