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Slug Tape Copper Barrier 20mm x 4m

Quick Overview

This keeps your prize patio pot plants safe from the slimy little things without hurting them. 


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This keeps your prize patio pot plants safe from the slimy little things without hurting them!

Facts About Slugs:


    Slugs can cause huge damage to vegetation and are capable of consuming several times their bodyweight in a very short period of time.
    Most eat decaying vegetation, but their favourite plants include Hostas, Marigolds, Dahlias, Tulips, Lavenders and Snapdragons, and of course, tender young salad crops.
    Although active throughout the year, slugs are particularly troublesome in Spring and Autumn when warmer weather combined with damp conditions encourages them out.
    Slugs dislike rain, but they need to keep moist as they require water for reproduction and movement so are more active when it is wet and emerge as soon as rain stops.
    Slugs prefer to live in cool, damp, shady places among plants and like to crawl into crevices or beneath stones, pots, plastic, etc.
    The best time to hunt for slugs is 2 - 3 hours after sunset as they tend to feed at night.
    Mature slugs are hermaphrodites and are able to breed throughout the year, laying anything between 20 - 100 eggs.

Size: 20mm x 4m

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  1. A Summer Saviour of Plants! review by Peter on 22/05/2014

    Copper tape has got to be the number one humane eco-friendly way of stopping slugs and snails munching through all your expensive plants. They WILL NOT cross the barrier so formed by the tape. It is very versatile, you can put it around pots, plant stems and rings cut from old plastic bottles - the latter is most cost effective and the rings can be used year after year. All in all a saviour of both your plants and wildlife which is not killed by any pellets

  2. Very useful review by Gary on 04/06/2013

    This is a great product for putting around your pots of delicate plants, wish i had known about it when we had hostas but its doing a good job for our growing peas in a pot this year.

  3. fabulous stuff; huge roll review by Nicola on 01/06/2013

    Copper tape is fab - it definitely helps to keep slugs away! And this large five-metre roll is much much better value than the far smaller rolls I've bought in the past from garden centres. I bought a roll last spring (2012) and I've only just got to the end of it now (June 2013)!! Very good value for money!

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