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As a modern day holiday maker, explorer or adventurer there is an extra responsibility on our shoulders to 'leave no trace'

To travel consciously and conscientiously, we have put together our favourite products that help you do just that...

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8 Aug 2019 14:16:51 By Wikaniko HQ General

The world's only 100% renewable detergent … in a nutshell OR In Praise of the Sensitive Soapberry

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13 Jun 2019 11:06:56 By Nicola Broadsmith General

Why I think that sometimes when it comes to doing 'our bit' for the environment thinking smaller might be the key to making a bigger difference....

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5 Jun 2019 20:57:47 By Wikaniko HQ General

One tree, so many benefits...

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13 May 2019 14:25:03 By Wikaniko HQ General

Healthy mouth, fresh breath, white teeth... is it even possible without all the tingly burny chemicals??

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15 Apr 2019 13:22:55 By Wikaniko HQ General

Original, beautiful mothers day gifts, that don't cost the earth, but mean the world... do you like what I did there! ;)

But seriosuly they're great, she'll love them. 

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25 Mar 2019 14:43:45 By Wikaniko HQ General

Today is the UNs world water day. Here in the often rainy UK we can sometimes get sick of the sight of water, and it is easy to forget that having easy access to clean drinking water is privilege. Although it has been predicted....

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22 Mar 2019 14:52:01 By Wikaniko HQ General Simple Changes Series

That can mean the most, and can have the most surprising amount of impact....

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14 Mar 2019 14:12:07 By Wikaniko HQ General Simple Changes Series

But you do need it in your life! 

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21 Feb 2019 11:26:06 By Wikaniko HQ General Simple Changes Series

And that right there, dear reader is the problem....

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8 Feb 2019 13:57:20 By Wikaniko HQ General
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