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  • EcoEgg Washing Machine Detox Tablets EcoEgg Washing Machine Detox Tablets

EcoEgg Washing Machine Detox Tablets

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Clean your washing machine from the inside out


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Clean your washing machine from the inside out

  • Tackles soap scum and limescale build-ups
  • Removes odours
  • Washing machines need a regular deep clean to keep them working at their best.


Ecoegg’s Detox Tablets give your washing machine a really good deep-down clean – even in the areas you can't see. They remove limescale and soap scum from all the nooks and crannies.


By getting to the very heart of the problem, our Detox Tablets clear away any residual build-ups from your washing machine and eliminate those nasty odours too – leaving your machine cleaner, shinier and happier.


Pack of 6


Additional Information

Weight 70.0000
CV 2.54
Brand EcoEgg
Size No
Barcode 0609613813191
Tax Class 20% VAT
  1. Does the job! review by Samantha on 18/09/2018

    It seems a must for anyone intrepidly trying out the laundry eggs. I could only do an hour cycle at 60 degrees, and the instructions recommended the longest hottest wash. I did two cycles, and now I can smell the delicate scent from the laundry eggs, rather than a dank dampy smell, so I guess the detox tabs did their job!

  2. Excellent and good value review by Kim on 09/03/2016

    Changing to ecoegg laundry egg (fabulous product) created my washing machine to smell (badly). So cleaned the filter then popped a detox tablet in. The drum looked very clean. Still got a bit of smell left so did another detox tablet wash and - no smell at all. Feel my machine is now residue free and will definately use one of these at least 6 monthly.

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