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  • Citric Acid Citric Acid

Citric Acid

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Using acid is the simplest method of removing limescale deposits, and our Citric Acid uses the same active ingredients found in fruit and vegetables. More Citric Acid may be required initially if limescale has had the chance to build up, but after that, use regularly to keep limescale at bay. 250g


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In the UK many parts of the country are in hard water areas. The white deposits that build up on kettle elements are perhaps the most instantly recognisable sign of limescale deposits - but they can also be found on taps, shower heads and even in the grout between tiles. And then there are limescale deposits that can't be seen - such as in coffee machines, washing machines, steam irons and the heating elements of sterilisers for baby's bottles.

To protect your appliances, you should descale them regularly to prevent build up; the harder your water, the more regularly it will need doing. If limescale is left untreated, your energy bills will rise as electricity is used to heat the limescale first, and will eventually build up will cause appliances to break down altogether.


Citric Acid Information Citric Acid Information

Citric Acid Cleaning Tips Citric Acid Cleaning Tips

Clean Your Home The Way Granny Did Clean Your Home The Way Granny Did

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Weight 287.0000
CV 1.87
Brand Dri-Pak
Size 250g
Barcode 5011289001935
Tax Class 20% VAT
  1. If You Have Limescale...Even Stubborn Limescale....Get Some!! review by Alison on 13/03/2016

    We live in a very hard water area and I have been impressed with the natural effectiveness of Citric Acid at removing limescale in my kettle and iron. More recently it has dealt with a longstanding severe limescale problem in the bottom of our toilet bowl in 2nd bathroom, which nothing else has touched.
    It was looking like we might need to use something chemical to deal with it which we did not want to do, So I am so happy too say just a box of citric acid has made it look like new again...amazing.
    To get these results I emptied the toilet bowl...added I box of citric acid and topped up with hot water to just above the limescale and left over night. Our problem did take some scraping and brushing, and if your limescale problem isnt severe just some light brushing will probably do it.
    Now I just put 1/2 cup in toilet bowl once a week, after a flush and leave overnight and it hasnt returned ;))))

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