• Sue Gentry Done "I love Wikaniko because I can work the business around the rest of my life and in particular my dogs :) "

  • Ian Marshall "Wikaniko offers me a pension plan I don't have to pay in to!"

  • Tina Raymond "Joining Wikaniko was my opportunity to start my own business my way"

  • Kate Matos "I’m building my business and my future with Wikaniko"
  • Nicola B "I want my family and my community to become healthier ... Wikaniko showed me HOW to achieve that, ethically"

  • Dawn Hipperson "Wikaniko products gave me my life back and now I can help do the same for others"

  • James Mann "Love Wikaniko..a complete business for less than £25!"
  • Peter Simmonds "Wikaniko - where ethical, profitable, co-operative and eco-friendly all go hand in hand"

  • Debbie Law "Wikaniko lets me get my eco products under one roof and delivered to my door"
  • Laura M "Great Products, Great company ethos, Great Future"

  • Denise Bedson "I love the freedom and flexibility Wikaniko gives me to build a business without a huge finanical burden"

  • Mick Gilfoyle "Thank you for showing me how to benefit from the Tax allowance you can claim when working from home"

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What is Wikaniko?

We're a UK company that's helping families to become greener, benefitting themselves, their health and the environment, without it costing the earth - literally. We're making a difference.

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If you like what we are doing, why not join in the fun yourself? Join us - the UK's No1 work from home eco friendly company!

Green Resources

Useful and interesting resources to help you find out more about living green.

If you know of any information that would benefit our visitors in general and make the world a better place, please contact us.

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10,000 Trees

Over the next 36 months, in association with Environmental Partners Ltd, we are aiming to plant ten thousand trees in Africa.

If you know of any information that would benefit our visitors in general and make the world a better place, please get in touch.

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Eco Database

We have compiled a comprehensive list of locations etc. for recycling, buying eco friendly produce, and getting rid of household and domestic waste.

This is the biggest eco/recycling UK database on the Internet, if there is something you would like to see added, please let us know.

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