The Solid Bar Company Breathe Easy Balm


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A natural oil blend including Peppermint oil with its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, Eucalyptus oil that acts as a nasal decongestant, menthol and Camphor oil which assist in helping make breathing easy and comfortable as well as suppress the urge to cough.

Palm Oil Free Vegan Not Tested On Animals Made in the UK
Palm Oil Free Vegan Not Tested On Animals Made in the UK



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The Solid Bar Company Breathe Easy Balm

  • 100% vegan, natural and petroleum free.
  • Includes Peppermint Eucalyptus menthol and Camphor oils.
  • Natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral decongestant and cough suppressing properties.
  • Helps make breathing easy and comfortable.
  • Easy to apply with no synthetic fragrances, water or preservatives


British Rapeseed Oil, organic coconut oil, rice bran wax (food grade) organic jojoba oil, menthol, essential oils of camphor, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, lavender. (*Certified organic).

Size: 56g

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Weight 70 g

2 reviews for The Solid Bar Company Breathe Easy Balm

  1. Georgina Ricketts (verified owner)

    This product is fantastic! I put it on the outside of my nostrils, and it clears my nose for ages! You only need a tiny amount per application, so I can see this tin lasting ages! From a congestion point of view, I can literally feel my throat clearing!! Although, before I thought to put it on my nose, I was sat here smelling the tin for about 10 minutes, so I guess that could work too…and it would last even longer that way! I love this product, it’ll be used all the time in my household as hubby always has a cold, so I’m so pleased I’ve found an option that won’t harm the environment, and contains no nasties!

  2. Brenda Cuby (verified owner)

    My son gets a lot of colds and this is his go to for clearing any congestion he has.

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