Wikaniko National Supervisor Badge


Reward and recognition is a vital part of the team building process.

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As you progress through the ranks, it will be your team that has helped you to achieve the various levels. And as such, it is for you to mark that achievement with a letter, and a promotion badge.

When you reach the next level of the plan, you can even donate your previous promotion badge to a newly promoted member of your team, thereby ensuring that it is not thrown in a drawer somewhere.

These badges will be an important part of the recognition process at any company function that we may hold in the future. Wear your badge with pride!

Please note:

You can only purchase a badge for yourself or your team when you have personally achieved the Direct Distributor level. As a Direct Distributor or above, the onus is now on you to purchase the promotion badges for your team members. Once someone achieves Direct Distributor they then purchase badges for their Team and so on.

We have found that this is far more powerful than receiving a badge from ‘the company’ (front line direct Distributors will obviously get their badge or badges from the Company).

These badges are easily identifiable by the different coloured foot for each rank. Furthermore there are four emeralds in the toes denoting promotion to National Supervisor.

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