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Here are all three What Nits products at a discounted price. This is the complete treatment for head lice and nits

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Head Lice can be a recurring problem once you have children at school and pre-school. You need to take a pro-active stance in order to defeat them, but this does not mean that you ever have to use the chemical-ridden  – and many would say, downright dangerous, insecticide treatments that you are normally offered at the pharmacy. These Tea Tree products are equally effective along with regular combing, and they are much, much nicer to use!

The perfect answer…

Head lice hate tea tree oil and many pharmacists recommend its use for the natural treatment of head lice, amongst other scalp disorders.  Tea tree oil in these products has powerful anti-fungal and anti-septic properties.  It is non-irritating, anti-inflammatory and totally non-invasive.  A combination of Tea Tree Oil and Neem Oil dissolves waxy protection and makes the lice susceptible to water.

Here are three new products: a scalp rub for the treatment of head lice once they are discovered, a shampoo that can safely be used daily and a leave-in detangling conditioner to help prevent further infestation. None of these products are laced with the insecticides that other head lice treatments contain. They are safe to use as often as you like and along with regular combing, will combat the dreaded beasties. We found that they actually were far more effective than the chemical treatments. The shampoo is lovely and leaves hair soft and feeling very. very clean! The Detangling Conditioner is genius as it does not have to be rinsed out, you just spray on after towel drying the hair – if your children are anything like most with hair washing then the extra rinse involved with using normal conditioner is always a step too far! The Conditioner leaves the hair very easy to comb.

Scalp Rub:

Gentle in use, non-invasive and extremely effective for the eradication of head lice, this easily applied rub simply needs to be left on the hair for 15 to 20 minutes before combing through and re-washing the hair.

Its active ingredients are:

    Tea Tree Oil
    Eucalyptus – natural analgesic and parasiticide
    Neem Oil – used for many centuries on the Indian sub-continent as a natural insecticide.



The low toxicity formulation of this shampoo specifically targets head lice and is suitable for all hair types and everyday use.

The main active ingredients

    Tea Tree Oil
    Eucalyptus – natural analgesic and parasiticide
    Neem Oil – used for many centuries on the Indian sub-continent as a natural insecticide.



This leave-in detangling conditioner has been formulated to help protect further infestation.  Natural, safe and simple to use, the conditioner promotes healthy scalp and hair and the tea tree oil content helps repel head lice.

Active ingredients are:

    Tea Tree Oil
    Glycerin – an excellent moisturiser
    Amodimethicone – which aids combing and helps condition the hair
    PEG-12 Demethicone – which has similar properties to Amodimethicone

Application: Simply spray onto the hair using sufficient to soak through and comb to ensure even spread.  Leave on hair to dry.


What Nits! products contain NONE of the following ingredients:

    Parabens – linked to breast and testicular problems. What Nits
    Sodium Lauryl Sulphate – carcinogenic. Can irritate eyes and skin.
    Cocamide DEA – can form a carcinogenic compound.
    Methylchloroisothiazolinone – linked to skin allergies.
    Formaldehyde – suspected of being carcinogenic. Linked to asthma and headaches and can irritate eyes and throat.
    Triclosan – may upset the functioning of naturally occurring “good” bacteria.
    Copolymers – can cause respiratory problems.

No short cuts have been taken and wherever possible Tea Tree Natural Products have used organic ingredients.                                                



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2 reviews for What Nits Discount Bundle

  1. Lucy Blinko (verified owner)

    Nits season at school can be a nightmare but I found this product to be very good. Easy to use and comb through the kids hair. Kept everyone itch free.

  2. Kelly Phillips (verified owner)

    I’ve had this sat in my cupboard for a while in preparation of an infestation. Somehow we managed to avoid it until this year when the kids finished school to commence lockdown! Thank goodness I had it.
    Treated both mine and my daughters hair with it, you may need more than one bottle of the scalp rub if your hair is long and you have several heads to treat – or maybe I went over the top with application? Daughter wasn’t overly fond of the smell but it was much more pleasant than the stuff I remember being used on my hair as a child. Use as instructed and with a comb for best results. The detangling conditioner is a great extra.

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