Vegan Shaving Brush


Feel like a real gent using a proper brush for a closer shave

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Get a better shave with a shaving brush

Using a shaving brush to lather up with shaving cream or soap gives you a closer shave, with less irritation and better results. The brush energises the skin and acts as an exfoliant – benefitting your skin. It also prepares your hair by softening them and lifting them away from the skin.

That allows for a closer shave when the hairs are properly prepared. The razor can glide smoother and closer to the skin. It catches more ingrown hairs as they have been exfoliated and released by the brushing. There’s less irritation, soreness, and redness, and less chance of nicks and any problems.

The confidence and luxury of a real shave

Feel like a real gent using a proper brush for a closer shave. The Ash handle and traditional look make for an understated and stylish brush while synthetic bristles are long-lasting great value for money. They are also suitable for vegans as they don’t use any animal products and are cruelty-free.

Using a shaving brush gives you a closer shave, feels more luxurious, and leaves your skin looking fresh and healthy. Not only are the results very different from using an electric shaver or just slapping on some shaving foam, it’s a totally different experience.

  • Get a better shave with a shaving brush.
  • Massages face with shaving cream and helps prevent more ingrown hairs.
  • A great, close shave in the traditional way.
  • Stylish classic-looking dark brush.
  • Great value and long-lasting. Easy to maintain and use.
  • 100% vegan friendly – synthetic hair (NO badgers were harmed in the making of this brush)!

This item comes packaged in a card box.

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