Shower Water Filter Cartridge


This Shower Water Filter uses KDF Carbon to remove high levels of chlorine & heavy metals. It has a slimline design and so should fit any shower. It connects in-line with a standard sized shower hose. Ideal for those sensitive to Chlorine. KDF also helps to reduce limescale. Available in Chrome only.

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Removes Chlorine, metals & many other contaminants in your shower water.

Easy fit – no specialist skills required. It just screws into your existing shower, between the showerhead and the flex, compatible with standard shower fittings. Only a 4cm gap is needed between shower and wall to fit.

When you take a hot shower, chlorine in the shower water may vaporise and could be inhaled in a steamy shower area. Hot showers also open the pores of the skin potentially allowing various contaminants in addition to chlorine to enter the body. Our shower filter removes high levels of chlorine and heavy metals, leaving you with a clean, refreshing shower every time.

Filter contains both Granular Activated Carbon & KDF Media:

KDF filter media KDF removes ten times more chlorine than normal carbon filters. KDF also releases an anti-bacterial which can help prevent bacterial build-up in the shower head, reduce fungi, and reduces heavy metals/contaminants in the shower water.

Water filter Chlorine Filtration- skin and hair may feel smoother as chlorine is drastically reduced in the shower water. People sensitive to Chlorine and with skin conditions aggravated by chlorine could also benefit as a result.

3000 Gallons Filter Life (about a year for the average family, normal use) – Manufacturer stated, dependent on local water quality.

NEW DESIGN – You can now replace just the internal filter so no need to buy a complete replacement item.

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