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A very moreish sweet and smooth vegan coconut chocolate bar

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Vegan chocolate bar with creamed coconut (16%). A very moreish sweet and silky smooth vegan chocolate bar for you to give as a gift to a loved one or to treat yourself 🙂

Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free.

Fully recyclable and compostable packaging.


The Raw Chocolate Company have created a wonderful range of chocolate that you can feel less guilty about eating and helps you eat chocolate in a more environmentally responsible way!

  • First of all as the name suggests the chocolate is raw, the cacao has been sun dried and not heat treated. And it has been minimally processed to keep it as close to its natural state as possible. This is important because in its natural state it sounds as though chocolate actually has quite a few things going for it,
  • It is full of essential minerals , like magnesium (which many of us are short of in our diets) calcium, sulphur, zinc, iron and potassium.
  • It also contains polyphenols which have antioxidant properties ,
  • Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B9, – essential fatty acids which may help to lower bad cholesterol and raise the good
  • As well as Protein and fibre.

The Raw chocolate Co add minimal additional ingredients so that the cocoa can sing out, this also means that their products are vegan and very pure. They are also fair trade and organic, and refined sugar free.

Not only are they thinking about the actual chocolate itself but the environmental impact of the production and packaging. So they have made the packaging on this chocolate  fully recyclable, and fully compostable too! If that is not a USP for chocolate I do not know what is! And they are committed to being completely plastic free by the end of this year.

They spend a long time crafting and creating their chocolate so that they can bring you a pure, delicious and fabulous treat.
You will find that the chocolate is pretty rich so a little goes a long way, which is great because eating anything in moderation is the best way to go (or so I’m told!)

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1 review for Raw Chocolate Bar – Silky Coconut

  1. Nicola (verified owner)

    Coconut and chocolate just go so well together, don’t they? A truly tropical, scrumptious combination … organic & vegan too! 😍
    I love the resealable packaging, too – a really clever design!

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