D2W Degradable Wheelie Bin Liners (Roll of 5 Bags)


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Degradable wheelie bin liners that will keep your wheelie bin clean. And can oxy-bio-degrade to CO2 and H2O. Leaving no toxins or Micro plastics behind.


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If you are looking to keep the inside of your wheelie bin clean then these D2W Degradable Wheelie Bin Liners are the ideal solution.

They are strong and will help prevent waste from settling at the bottom of your bin. Therefore preventing you from having the unenviable job of having to clean them.

Why do we think they’re good?

These bags behave just like a regular plastic bin bag except in one important area.
The D2W additive means that they are able to break down in the environment, just as organic matter would. Breaking down to CO2 and H2O leaving no toxins or microplastics behind them.

They remain

  • Strong enough to keep all your rubbish together.
  • Large enough for your wheelie bin
  • Recyclable.

And unlike compostable bags they don’t create methane (a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2) when they go to landfill.

Roll of: 5

Approx size: 119 x 140cm (Rim 238cm) Suitable for bins up to 240 Litres



Why not try D2W Degradable Pedal Bin Liners. These are perfect for any small bathroom waste bin and they also come with a handy drawstring, making disposal even easier. Or, why not check out the complete D2W degradable bag range here.

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1 review for D2W Degradable Wheelie Bin Liners (Roll of 5 Bags)

  1. John J.Roberts (verified owner)

    It is with pleasure I accept your invitation to review the Wheelie Bin Liners I recently purchased from you. It is many years ago that I first purchased a roll of your liners and as I religiously adhere to my Local Authority directive separate disposable bags for plastics and paper rarely fill to capacity my an dispose of its contents and bin liner. It was only recently i realised that I was down to the last of your liners. Unfortunately as it was a long tome ago I couldn’t remember where I had purchased them. Fortunately using the contact details printed on remaining liner I was able to contact the ly manufacturer who directed me to your company. The rest is history and following my request to purchase, in due course I promptly received my bins for which I thank you. I’m sure another satisfied customer. Best Wishes.

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