BeeBee Wrap The Sandwich Collection – 2 Pack


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Beautiful Reuseabled Beeswax Food wraps. People have used beeswax coated cotton to preserve food for centuries. They are a beautiful, sustainable, eco friendly alternative to cling film

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A large BeeBee Wraps is perfect for wrapping everything because with a BeeBee Wrap you can overwrap regardless of size. Wrap your cheese block, cover a bowl, make a BeeBee Box, wrap burritos, save your cut fruit, unwrap cut herbs after over a week and so much more.

They are also great for travelling, and can be used to wrap soap bars, toothbrushes etc. Or to provide a clean surface for eating when out and about.


2 Large Wraps (33cm x 33cm)
Designs may vary


Using warm hands wrap around food to create a breathable seal.

Hand wash in cold water and eco-friendly soap. Not for use with raw meat and fish, dishwashers or microwaves.

Intermittently, recharge your BeeBee by ironing between two sheets of greaseproof paper, peel away while still wet and hold aloft until dry.

Love your BeeBee and it will last up to twelve months. Then simply throw on the compost or use as a fire lighter!

About BeeBee Wraps

BeeBee beeswax wraps are made from GOTS certified organic cotton printed with low impact dyes, infused with locally sourced beeswax, tree resin and organic jojoba oil. Please avoid if you are allergic to any of these ingredients.

BeeBee Wraps are ethical and sustainable from cotton grower through to production. We have set up our business to reflect BeeBee Wraps’ credentials by paying our staff at least the Living Wage, we support our bee populations by actively working alongside our beekeeping communities to perpetuate the pollinating population and strive to reach zero waste and low impact in everything we do.

Making BeeBee Wraps beautiful is very important. Why should the environmentally friendly option not enhance our own?

Please note that designs may vary from that shown.

Your BeeBee has been individually made and may vary slightly in colour, size and detail.

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1 review for BeeBee Wrap The Sandwich Collection – 2 Pack

  1. Kelly Phillips (verified owner)

    These have been great for husbands packed lunches to wrap sandwiches and rolls. I’ve also used this size to cover bowls in fridge and over my bread dough (make sure to oil the wrap a little first to prevent sticking) as I leave it to rise. My young children aren’t fans because they don’t like the smell they have, but fussy children aside these are useful, versatile and a much better alternative to clingfilm if you can afford the £15 investment upfront. A great product. Make sure your iron isn’t on its hottest setting when you give them a rejuvenate – oops, lesson learned.

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