Bambaw Reusable Sanitary Pads – Heavy Flow


Take care of your health and the planet by replacing your traditional disposable sanitary pads with Bambaw reusable panty liners. Experience optimal comfort thanks to their three layers of protection.

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Reusable heavy flow sanitary pads from Bambaw are the perfect solution to your standard disposable pads. They are comfortable, super absorbent & discreet.

What is a reusable panty liner?

A reusable sanitary napkin works just like a standard sanitary pad. Except that instead of having to be thrown away after one use, it can be washed and reused.

Indeed, traditional sanitary pads are often made of synthetic materials such as plastic and synthetic polymers and are therefore single use. Bambaw reusable panty liners, on the other hand, are made of 3 materials: bamboo charcoal, microfiber and PUL fabric.

Together, these materials provide the panty liner with absorbency, protection, elasticity and odour control. Therefore making it an ideal menstrual protection and also washing machine safe.

Benefits of reusable panty liners

Bambaw reusable panty liners all have wings to fit and clip to your underwear easily. There are three different types of sanitary pads, each of which will protect you best according to your menstrual flow:

  • Light flow (1 layer of microfiber)
  • Medium flow (2 layers of microfiber)
  • Heavy flow (3 layers of microfiber)

In addition to that, you can also buy a pouch to carry your reusable cloth pads. It is black, waterproof and has two compartments to store both clean and used sanitary pads.

Reusable panty liners are super absorbent

Bambaw’s reusable panty liners have high absorption qualities thanks to the PUL and microfibre layers, two permeable materials. When combined, the fabrics ensure complete protection from undesirable leakage, regardless of your menstrual flow type.

A discreet and odourless solution

Together with their incredible absorption qualities, the reusable panty liners remain thin, smooth and amazingly discreet. This sanitary napkin also includes a layer of bamboo charcoal to ensure odour control to get you through your periods with complete peace of mind.

Discover a whole new comfort

As sanitary pads are often worn for several hours, they may sometimes feel uncomfortable, especially during an active day with lots of moving around. Fortunately, Bambaw’s reusable pad remains soft and smooth thanks to its PUL and microfibre layer, thus less likely to cause irritation or discomfort.

External feminine hygiene protections are safer

Internal sanitary protection such as tampons, menstrual cups or menstrual sponges can be dangerous.

Indeed, when blood stagnates in the vagina, it becomes a favourable environment for the development of S. aureus bacteria to grow, which in turn can produce TSST-1 toxins. These toxins may be harmful as they can attack organs such as the liver, kidneys or lungs and lead to serious illness. This is known as toxic shock syndrome.

Reusable panty liners made from non-toxic materials

In addition to causing toxic shock syndrome, tampons and traditional sanitary pads are filled with dangerous chemicals that give their white colour, perfume and such. Several investigations have also detected, among these chemicals, dioxins classified as carcinogens by the World Health Organisation and phthalates, known to be endocrine disruptors. These observations are pretty concerning, given that the vaginal wall is very absorbent.

Luckily, there are solutions, such as reusable pads made from natural products, that do not put your health at risk.

Reusable panty liners are less expensive

It is estimated that a woman spends about £1500 on sanitary pads in her lifetime. This is an astronomical sum.

Reusable panty liners are much less expensive because they are designed to be used for a long time. Unlike traditional single-use sanitary napkins or tampons, Bambaw’s reusable pads’ price quickly writes off the initial purchase value.

Reusable panty liners are more practical than disposable ones

You will no longer need to run off to the store every month to buy a new pack of single-use menstrual pads.

Moreover, with a small carrying pouch available separately, you can easily keep a sanitary pad with you.

These Bambaw Reusable Sanitary Pads are suitable for a heavy flow. To view other reusable sanitary pads from Bambaw click here or all other eco-friendly sanitary products click here.

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