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Travel & On the Go

Whether you’re going out for a day, weekend or off on adventures further afield, you can still travel in an eco way.

Beebee and Leaf Wraps

Beebee and Leaf wraps are perfect for wrapping sandwiches, wraps, salad, nuts, cake…anything! They’re also perfect for leftovers. Protecting your food whilst allowing it to breathe, keeping things nice and fresh.

Ecoffee Cups

Ecoffee cups are not just great for coffee they’re a reusable cup that helps keep you hydrated (and caffeinated) on the go. Being made of Bamboo they don’t taint like plastic cups can do, so you can go from Coffee to Tea, herbal tea, or hot chocolate and back again without tasting the last drink you had.

Insulated Drinks Bottles

The insulated drink bottle will keep your drink hot for 12 hours or cold for 24. It’s plastic free, scratch resistant, sleek and stylish so you can take it with you anywhere and it won’t look out of place.

Deoderant and Deo Stone

The deodorants are perfect to pop in handbags and hand luggage.  Effective and long lasting, you can arrive at your destination smelling as fresh as you left.

The Salt of the Earth travel deo stone is perfect if you’re travelling light. It’s small enough to be the most subtle companion.

Travel Soap

The travel soap is suitable for hands, face, hair and even clothes. Giving you a 4-in-1 bar that will help you travel light and keep you squeaky clean. (Be aware if using on hair there maybe a transition period if you’re switching from liquid shampoo).

Sun Care

Sun Cream is important for any adventure and the sun care from Green people has you and your little ones covered. Reef Friendly, Organic and effective.

Reuseable Straws – Stainless Steel and Bamboo

The handy reusable straw sets in stainless steel or bamboo mean that you can sip your drink in style without adding to the plastic problem. They come in a neat little carry case and have their own cleaning brush included too!

Insect Repelllant

The Awesome Lemongrass Repellent from The Solid Bar Company is super at keeping away all sorts of biting bugs and comes in a bar or stick. Great for if your in the garden, fishing, hiking or relaxing on the beach. Deet free and all natural and Vegan.

Lip Balm to Keep Lips Moisturised

Travel can be tough on your skin and lips so these lip balms will make sure that your holiday smile is at its best. And the Friendly Soap’s Cocoa Butter Facial Cleansing Bar will ensure that your skin is clean, moisturised and always looking its best.

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