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Eco Friendly and Sustainable items for your Kitchen

If you can use it in the kitchen you can find it here (except food!).

Dish washing

Gentle on skin but really effective on grease washing up liquid sold in 100% recycled and recyclable plastic, that is not harmful to aquatic life is a super eco switch to make for washing your dishes. Alternatively, the washing up bar is a completely plastic free option. If you have a dishwasher then you can buy the plastic free dishwasher tabs.

Plastic free (and compostable) un-sponges and plastic free dish brushes for those slightly more burnt on (caramelised!) bits, or “I’ll do it in the morning” dried on bits…

There are traditional – so old it’s new again- cleaners like soda crystals that will cut through grease with ease. And bicarbonate of soda to scrub and deodorise drains, bins and fridges (and carpets and trainers, but that’s not very kitcheny).

For food on the go or saving leftovers you’ll love bees wax wraps and leaf wraps from Beebee wraps. They keep your food fresh and safe.

And the insulated drinks bottle means you can fill with hot or cold beverage of your choice and stay hydrated throughout the day.

Oh, and for those spills and drips and general cleaning jobs, the re-useable kitchen towel is so versatile, each sheet can be washed and re-used around 85 times. Getting softer and more absorbent with each use. One sheet, goes above and beyond.

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