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Relax and Unwind in Your Bathroom

Keeping the bathroom clean and smelling fresh creates a soothing and well deserved bathing experience. Add some indulgent products to make it even more relaxing.

Cleaning Products to Make it Shine

Clean away everyday dirt with Natural Soda Crystals. The perfect all purpose cleaning solution for walls, floors, baths, sinks and tiles.

Scrub away even the most stubborn grime use the Bicarb Cream and get your bathroom looking its best again.

With a quick spray of White Vinegar can make your shower screen and taps sparkle.

Bathing Accessories to Get You Squeaky Clean

Scrub your feet with a Volcanic Foot Stone, deep cleanse with a Mini Loofah and buff your body with a Ramie Scrunchie. Get that spa day feeling in the comfort of your home.

Skincare Routine with Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Products

Gentle to skin 100% organic Cotton Pleat, Cotton Balls, Cotton Pads and Cotton Buds to help clean and clear your skin everyday.

Fresh Smelling Loo

Combat limescale by using the EcoZone Magnoloo and keep your toilet smelling fresh and looking clean with Bio-D Toilet Cleaner.

Premium 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper

Even your toilet visit can be more environmentally friendly!

Did you know 27,000 trees A DAY are cut down just for toilet paper! Who Gives a Crap make toilet paper from recycled paper and from bamboo.

So no new trees are harmed in the flushing of your loo!

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