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Every kind of household bag you need for home or shopping.

From the amazingly handy and hard-wearing organic cotton string bags, which not only come in an array of colours to brighten up your day, whilst being comfortable to carry, they also expand to hold a surprising amount. We’ve been using ours for 10years now and they’re still going strong.
To the amazing D2W household bags, for all bin sizes, which thanks to their unique additive they oxo-bio-degrade leaving no toxins, residues or microplastics behind.

Organic Cotton Produce bags and mesh grocery bags, perfect for zero waste shopping and visits to farmer markets and the greengrocers. And organic cotton tote bags perfect for carrying pretty much anything!

When you buy your household bags from Wikaniko you’re choosing more planet-friendly products, as well as supporting small businesses, who care about having a positive impact on the world around them. From how their raw materials are sourced to how the people they employ and trade with are treated fairly and ethically.

When you support our distributors through shopping with us through them you’re supporting even more small businesses, you’re supporting dreams, your allowing families to spend more time together.

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