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Scent-sational Air Fresheners for the Home

Air fresheners with subtle, fresh fragrances to lift your home or to give as a gift.

Fresh and Long Lasting Reed Diffusers

We all want our home to smell nice, but unless you’re baking bread and cookies every day it can be nice to have some help. These reed diffusers use natural fragrances of the highest quality, blended with eco friendly carrier oil.

The reed diffusers are designed to last well and give the perfect ‘scent throw’ so it doesn’t overpower. You can bring the smell of the Mediterranean with Vanilla and Orange or the British countryside with English Rose.

When the bottle’s empty come back and get a top up with a refill and prevent any waste.

An elegant look and continuous fragrance, it’ll look great on display and give the right level of fragrance for any home.

Naturally Scented Soy Candles

The beautifully and naturally scented soy wax candles look and smell great even if you never light them!

In recyclable tins, the soy wax burns cleanly without releasing toxins into the air.  A super compliment to a relaxing bath time or a cosy evening and they make a great gift.

Go on, treat a friend or yourself with one (or more!)

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