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Vitamins and Supplements

When we’re at our best we perform at our best.

Our range of vitamins and supplements have been chosen for their effectiveness without being overpriced.

Boost Your Digestion

Give your digestive system the boost it needs.  Choose from:

Not seeing the product you’d like? There are many more options available in our extensive range.

A-Z of Vitamins

We offer a wide choice of tablets, capsules and chewable multivitamins to support your body’s needs. Including vitamins D3, E and C. See the full range to find the vitamin you’re looking for.

Children’s Vitamins and Minerals

Are you looking for a chewable A-Z multivitamin for all the family to benefit from? We have that at Wikaniko too.

Please note – Food Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

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