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Gifts for a Loved One or to Treat Yourself

We have gathered together the items that we think make environmentally conscious gifts that are excellent for giving or treating yourself.

You may find other things on the site that you think would make a great gift and that’s great too, there’s no judgement here. We’re just trying to narrow down the field for you. For example, a Laundry Egg can make an interesting alternative Easter gift.

Who doesn’t love a fresh smelling home?

Soy Candles with natural fragrances, that burn cleanly and come in recyclable tins, even better. They smell so good even when you don’t light them!

Or if you want a stronger aroma then try a natural fragrance Reed Diffuser, they come in the same great scents as the candles.

For the crafty people in your life

The ones who like crafts! They may well enjoy making their own soy wax candle. All ingredients and instructions provided, a perfect rainy day activity.

Drop a Seedball

Seedballs won Gift of the Year in 2017 and are perfect for anyone whether they enjoy gardening or not, as you only need to scatter them and watch the magic happen. You can mix and match individual tins or by a 3 pack gift set. With sets by colour, for Bees, Butterflies, and even shady spots there is bound to be a tin that’s a winner for you.

Bamboo Socks for Everyone!

Socks! Who doesn’t love a sock gift from time to time. These socks are plastic free and made of Bamboo, which is surprisingly soft and luxurious. It is also naturally antibacterial and anti fungal, and great at keeping toes warm or cool as needed, they also wick away moisture so no sweaty feet! You can also find sets of ladies or mens socks in a handy gift box.

Gifts to Pamper

For someone who needs a pamper we have gathered together some of our most popular bathroom products into beautiful gift sets. Or shaving set.

And of course there is chocolate gifts. Because, you know, chocolate!

Don’t Forget the Wrapping

Oh and if you’re wrapping your gift then the brown kraft paper tape is a brilliant eco alternative to cellotape.

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