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Eco-friendly Garden Care

Keep your garden looking it’s best year round with garden care products from Wikaniko. Now you can create an eco-friendly garden with our:

  • Environmentally safe cleaning products
  • Natural pest prevention
  • Seedballs to attract pollinators

Get Rid of Slugs and Snails

With the use of copper tape you can keep Slugs and Snails away from your much loved plants and veg without killing them or adding unnecessary chemicals to your garden.

Keeping Your Outdoor Space Clean and Tidy

Everything from Decking to BBQ’s and Greenhouses to Caravans.  Soda Crystals are environmentally friendly and a great all-round cleaning solution to use in gardens of any size.

Protecting Pollinators

Help pollinators in your garden or further afield with Seedballs for Bees or try our Seedball Urban Meadow mix to create a haven for pollinators of all kinds.  It’s a brilliant way to add some wild corners and colour for you and those ever-important pollinators to enjoy.

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