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Skin Care Products

Skin care products to cleanse, moisturise, keep bugs off, soothe, exfoliate, reduce signs of ageing, reduce pain or simply to give it some love.

  • Green People:
    Green People’s Skin care range includes their latest Nordic Roots range are designed to work with your skin, not strip it of its natural protection. From creams to oils to hyaluronic serums, their formulas are concentrated, feel great and get your skin looking its best. And their packaging is made from 25% grass!
  • Friendly Soap:
    To help you reduce your plastic and waste further Friendly Soap bring their Facial Cleaning and Detox and Shaving Soap Bars. Made to retain the high levels of moisturising glycerine that soap naturally has they are gentle on skin, have a luxurious lather and popular with dry skin and eczema sufferers. They’re also great at removing makeup.
  • Solid Bar:
    For skin that needs some extra TLC the Solid Bar company has an amazing range of plastic-free bars, including a balm for cuts and scrapes, to ease tight and sore muscles, a very effective Bug repellent bar, and a Hand Lotion bar – that keeps even the hardest working hands soft and cared for. There’s also a Nappy balm and even a Breathe Easy balm for snuffly noses and a Sleep Easy balm which is great for bedtimes, but also any time you need to relax.
  • Soapnut Salves:
    The Soapnut salves are highly concentrated and highly moisturising, perfect for dry skin or just for using to keep skin looking and feeling its best.

Other skin care products include washable Makeup remover pads that are perfect for reducing waste and come with 2 kinds of pads to look after your skin.

The organic cotton wool peats, buds, pads and balls, are there for you when you need them, grown organically without pesticides or insecticides they’re kinder to the planet and your skin.

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