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Women’s and Men’s Shaving products

Whether you shave daily, weekly or once in a blue moon you’ll find what you need here. Our eco-friendly women’s and men’s shaving products include everything you need for a simple and effective grooming routine.

Eco-friendly Women’s and Men’s Shaving

The Friendly soap shave bar and Vegan Shaving brush combine to give a rich, moisturising lather that will give great glide and help achieve a smooth finish.

If you prefer a Gel then the Green People Soothing Shaving Gel will provide a smooth glide and the organic Aloe Vera will soothe and protect your skin at the same time.
Follow with the Cooling moisturiser for an extra layer of protection and hydration for your skin.

The Bambaw Saftey Razor is the eco answer to disposable razors and blades. Made of bamboo and steel and fully recyclable it will last you for many years. Providing a close shave it’s suitable for Men and Women, you just need to replace the fully recyclable blades as needed.

The all-in-one Man Balm will see you right whether you use it to moisturise your skin or to keep your beard looking its best.

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