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Lip Balms

Moisturise, soften and hydrate your lips with a choice of natural and luxurious lip balms from Living Naturally and Valley Mist. Which will you choose?

Living Naturally creates their own potent herbal infusions using biodynamic organic herbs to help treat sore, inflamed and chapped skin – choose from Organic Cardamom Lip Balm or fragrance-free.

Valley Mist Lip Balms come in various blends including Citrus which is ideal for sore lips, Mint, Sweet Mandarin and Original.

Lip Care

The skin on your lips is much thinner than anywhere else on your body, which makes it vulnerable to environmental damage and added to this your lips don’t have pores, there are no sweat or oil glands to keep the skin hydrated, meaning that your lips are prone to dryness.

If you generally have quite dry skin, you’re more likely to suffer from dry lips too.

It’s important to care for your lips through all seasons, and you can do that by soothing and protecting them with these brilliant lip balms, handmade in the UK.

Luxury for your lips, gentle on the planet.

All-natural ingredients – no petroleum-based compounds, no synthetic flavours or scents.

Available in vegan formulations or with hydrating beeswax, and all gloriously plastic-free.

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