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Feminine Hygiene and Care Products

From disposable pads, liners and tampons to menstrual cups and maternity pads we’ve got you sorted with our feminine hygiene and care products.

There may be times when we want someone to suffer alongside us at that time of the month,  but that someone shouldn’t be Mother Earth.  In her menstruating lifetime, the average woman uses around 11,000 period products. Many of these contain plastic meaning that they stay around a very long time.

Feminine hygiene products from Natracare

Natracare brings you disposable pads, liners and tampons (with or without plastic-free applicator) that are plastic-free, Organic, chlorine and toxin-free.

Pads for day, night and every kind of flow, with wings or without,  keep you able to carry on with your life without worry.

And the absorbent tampons made from organic cotton mean that no artificial fibers are left behind.

With Maternity pads for after childbirth and Dry & Light pads for oops moments, the Natracare feminine hygiene range is there for you.

Reusable menstrual cups

If you’re ready to give up disposable sanitary wear completely Wikaniko stock Mooncups. These reusable menstrual cups will save loads of waste and you tonnes of money, they’re comfortable, reusable and last years and years, so they save you hassle too.

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