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Bath and Shower Products

Scrub, bubble and soothe yourself into the day or luxuriate into your evening with Wikaniko’s bath and shower products.

Mini Loofahs, Ramie Scrunchies, volcanic footstones and sisal soap bags mean that you can naturally buff your skin plastic-free.

Faith in Nature Body Wash

The gorgeously scented body washes (that can also double as bubble bath) from Faith in Nature can get you going with a citrus burst, calm your senses with soothing lavender or help you imagine you’re on holiday with tropical coconut or  Dragon fruit.  There are so many to choose from you’ll find it hard to narrow it down!

Soap Bars

For those who prefer bars or are going plastic-free, we have amazing soaps from Friendly soap, and Primal Suds suitable for even the most delicate and sensitive of skin – especially the Bare coconuts soap bar or Legit olive soap bar

Green People Bath and Shower Products

From Green People, there is Men’s Energising shower gel as well as Children’s Organic Shower Gel, Shampoo and Conditioner

Everything you need to keep you and the Earth clean.

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