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Buy plastic-free, vegan and toxin-free body and hair care products, all made with the environment and ethics at heart.

Everything you need for cleaning and caring for your body and hair. From liquid or solid shampoo and conditioner and hand soap bars to organic skin care products, shaving and deodorants. Hair masks, and dental care too,  this is where you’ll find it all.

Friendly soap stock every kind of soap bar you can imagine, their soaps are as ethical as can be, kind and moisturising to the skin, with a great price and luxurious lather and smell.

They do shampoo and conditioner bars, shaving bars, detox bars, face cleansing bars, travel bars, and guest bars, and many more.

Primal Suds soap bars are made with minimal ingredients, designed to leave no filth on you or in the environment. Their unscented soaps are perfect for those with eczema or psoriasis.

Faith in Nature has been making eco-conscious shampoos, conditioners and body wash for years. Now available not only in liquid but as plastic-free solid shampoos (with little to no transition period) and soaps too. They also do have hair masks that are a real treat.

Georganics are an industry-leading dental company that make plastic-free, mineral-rich toothpaste, toothpaste tablets, tooth soap, dental floss, and mouthwash. As well as beechwood toothbrushes. All to help you reduce the plastic and waste in your life whilst keeping your teeth and mouth happy and healthy.

For deodorants, we have amazing ranges from Earth Conscious, which make plastic-free deodorants that last ages and are super effective. Available in a card tube or aluminium tin.

And a lovely range from Crystal Spring who make their deodorants using crystal alum. In solid form which lasts for years, and liquid spray form for those who prefer a spray.

Green People are famous for their products that are kind to the environment and your skin, whilst being super high quality. Their shampoos and conditioners are super concentrated lasting for ages whilst leaving your hair looking its best. Their skin care ranges are designed to keep your skin looking its radiant best, fight signs of aging and fatigue.

Their Nordic Roots range is designed to bring everything your skin needs to thrive, whilst being fragrance-free. We also have their brilliant Mens skin care range. Their packaging is recyclable and recycled and made with things such as waste sugar cane, and grass!

Their sun care range is skin and reef-friendly with children’s ranges too.

The solid bar company brings award-winning solid shampoos and conditioners, as well as solid hand lotion and bug repellent. They also do a brilliant cuts and scraps balm for bashed knees and elbows, a brilliant sleep easy balm for helping with moments of relaxation and gentle bedtimes and a breath easy balm to help with snuffly or blocked noses big or small!

Valley Mist brings you vegan and plastic-free lip balms in an ever-handy tube. To keep your lips hydrated soft, as well as a luxurious 2 in 1 cream cleanser and moisturiser that removes makeup and pollution from the skin but leaves it feeling as though you just had a facial. This goes really well with the washable bamboo makeup remover pads.

Then there is Bamboo safety razor and replacement blades, vegan shaving brush and solid shaving soap for a luxurious eco shave, whether on your face or legs or… anywhere.

Natracare has been creating award-winning sanitary care since 1989. Free from plastic, chlorine, and using only organic cotton wool, they are effective and kind.

Mooncups are a brilliant way reduce waste associated with menstrual and sanitary products. With the average woman using 11,000 in her life the mooncup, lasting years save you loads of money too.

And organic cotton wool pads, cotton wool pleats, cotton wall balls and plastic-free organic cotton wall buds from Simply Gentle.

Add more eco to your body, hair and skin care.

Whether you want plastic-free, vegan, toxin-free, or all you will find it here.

Wikaniko’s body, hair and skin care products are chosen with care and used by us and our customers so you know that they are products that deliver on quality as well as ethics.

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