Monthly News

Keep up to date with all of the latest news from Wikaniko HQ.

December – Christmas Preparations 

Important Christmas information. Update on site URL’s. Training update. PLUS Recognition, Promotions & more!

November – Pleased But Never Satisfied

Improvements continue in all areas of Wikaniko. New product range. PLUS Recognition, Promotions & more!

October – Your potential is immense.

Realising there is massive potential in all of us. Product re-cap. PLUS Recognition, Promotions & more!

September – You are rocking it!

You’re breaking all the records!  Christmas is coming and how to deal with change. PLUS Recognition, Promotions & more!

August – Aren’t we all just trying to have “green” fingers?

Schools out and so is the Plastic Free Products Brochure. News on  Georganics Givaway. PLUS Recognition, Promotions & more!

July – More details on New Site, and… strawberries

Find out more about the NEW website and maybe we should all be a little more grateful. PLUS Recognition, Promotions & more!

June – How to get your customers to LOVE you

Explaining why we do what we do and getting your customers to LOVE you. PLUS recognition and Promotions and more!

May – Find out which product other customers are going nuts for…

More and more people are now listening, but do they hear you?
PLUS Recognition, Promotions and more!

April – Did You See That Seagull?!

Review of Blue Planet. Get ready for Easter. Shipping rates updated – get the latest here. PLUS Recognition, Promotions and more!

March – A rather surprising month! Also there’s loads of NEWness!

Plastic Free Packaging. Wikaniko gives surroundings a spring clean. Fantastic new products. PLUS Recognition, Promotions and more!

February – Plastic really is everywhere!

Collaboration Update. The importance of identifying your ideal customer. PLUS Recognition, Promotions and more!

January – Getting down to business.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. Have you heard of Veganuary? Price change info. PLUS Recognition, Promotions and more!

December –  Would you like to take £400 in 3hrs??

Trying to make Christmas as sustainable as possible. Prize draw results. New EcoEgg packaging. PLUS Recognition, Promotions and more!

November – Competition Time!

New Prize Draw.  Christmas delivery guide. New 5L products launched. PLUS Recognition, Promotions and more!

October – It’s closer than you think!

Great Christmas gift packs available. Did you see the Drowning in Plastic program on the BBC? PLUS Recognition, Promotions and more!