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Hello. Thank you for your interest in becoming a important part of Wikaniko.

At Wikaniko, we are passionate about helping people to realise that when it comes to product purchases, they have more choice than they may have thought. Everyone now has the option to purchase environmentally friendly alternatives to the standard products they buy during their weekly trip to the local supermarket. These environmentally friendly products are every bit as good at their jobs, cost effective but importantly, contain fewer or no chemicals and are better for their health and the environment.

At Wikaniko, we are always happy to welcome people who would like to help us build something truly worthwhile. Would you like to help the people in your local communities and beyond, building relationships, friendships and a business that is really enjoyable, truly flexible and greatly rewarding? If so, we have a wonderfully exciting opportunity for you.

By having your own Wikaniko business, you can;

     - Focus on products that you feel passionate about.

     - Help people improve their health and personal environment as well as the environment as a whole

     - Work from home at times that suit you, working around your family, existing job, being a carer or just your hobbies! 

     - Earn an income doing something enjoyable and rewarding

     - Have access to 100's of amazing tried, tested (not on animals!) and trusted products at wholesale prices.

We want the Wikaniko business opportunity to be available for everyone, and so there is no large fee to pay to join. 

The cost to set up your website, containing your online supermarket, members area with full reporting facilities, access to the distributor training program and online community is just £24.95. The monthly website fee thereafter is £4.95 payable after one month and paid via PayPal.

If you subsequently decide it isn’t for you, simply cancel the £4.95 subscription by clicking on the Cancel Subscription button from your own PayPal account. There is NO contract.

You will have our unwavering support; we are here to help you be successful! You can also talk to other distributors through our community pages.

If you would like more information then please Click Here

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