Wikaniko Meets Rugged Nature

Wikaniko meets Rugged Nature Male grooming

As you probably know, all of Wikankos suppliers are hand picked. We add their products to our online store because we’ve tried and tested them and, ultimately, love them.

Recently Kate caught up with Joe, the co-founder of the amazing men’s care range Rugged Nature, for a chat so that you all could get to know them a little better too, and meet the people behind one of the brands we love to support. 

Rugged Nature are one of our newest suppliers, but goodness, they’ve been so well received by our distributors and customers alike. The products have such amazing high quality, and you can tell straight away that so much care and attention has gone into creating them. And of course, being all natural, plastic free and made in the UK, they’re just ticking so many boxes.

For those that don’t know Rugged Nature,  would you like to share a bit about how and why you started?

I was lying in bed around about three years ago, I was listening to my mother have an almost daily asthma attack. The reason for this was that my brother was putting products in his hair that were full of nasty chemicals. I was a product design student and my brother is a chemistry student, so we thought, okay, together we could probably come up with a slightly better solution to this. We put our heads together and before long, we had a few products for our own personal use which didn’t trigger mum’s asthma.  Now, I thought, okay, maybe if we’re in this situation, maybe some other people are. So I added them to eBay and Amazon, did a couple of Christmas fairs. Before long we had some stockists and some local shops, asking if they could stock our products.  A couple of years later we’ve got a number of stockists across the UK. Obviously, we have massively expanded the range and we have new facilities.

What do you think has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome since the first idea came to you?

As with any business, scaling is a challenge so when we first started off we were making products in our parents’ kitchen. We were using broken saucepans. So, obviously, we’ve now scaled to facilitate our orders and we’ve taken on staff.  Male grooming isn’t the widest scope, especially compared to female products, or maybe the other things such as food. So trying to find new products that we can make environmentally friendly and high quality has been a constant challenge. We’re getting quite good at it and we’re enjoying
it which is important.

We’ve tried and tested Rugged Nature products, they smell really good. What’s your secret?

Typically speaking,  people want strong scents, but it’s nasty chemicals that produce these smells that cause adverse effects. So when you smell something effectively it’s chemicals entering your body. We use natural chemicals so you don’t get any of the negative effects that you do with artificial chemicals.

 What is your hero product?

The orange and bergamot moisturiser. We have taken a moisturiser and added a small amount of arrowroot. That doesn’t get absorbed into the skin, but it does absorb any excess oil in the skin, it stops the skin from looking shiny and feeling sticky. You have a moisturiser with a unique formula that doesn’t make the skin feel sticky.
I also have a real soft spot for the deodorant, we had just finished formulating it and I was heading out to propose to my now wife and it was a really hot day, and we were going for a hike! It was quite the combination! So I swiped one of the deodorants on my way out and it performed perfectly and she said Yes, so it definitely hold a place in my heart!

What makes your brand, Rugged Nature, different?

We’re not only Rugged Nature the brand but we’re also Rugged Nature the manufacturers. It’s not just about marketing, we are a genuine cosmetics manufacturer.

Finally, what’s your top tip for people starting their eco-friendly journey?

Look for products that are very, very similar to what you’re already using.  Go for the moisturiser that’s very similar to what you use now. Then when you get a little bit advanced you might want to get a bit more adventurous, start using things that you might never have looked at before.

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