Why did we make Wikaniko a Network Marketing Company?

We decided early on that Wikaniko would be an NWM company. Even though it is different from most NWM companies.

We had been doing Networking Marketing successfully for many years. As we started down the road of trying to be more eco-friendly ourselves, we found the eco-friendly space to be fueled by people who share certain values and mindset traits.

A mindset of thinking of the bigger picture –
“It’s not about the action I’m taking now. It’s about that action repeated over and over”.

Also, a mindset that strives for balance, for example, “I need to eat, how can I do that in a way that has less environmental impact?”

We also noticed a mindset of sharing.
Those of us in this community love to share information, tips, and knowledge. And, of course, help and support.

Many businesses have been started over the last 10 years that have sustainability, fairness and ethics as their drivers.

Firstly, to help and support people in the journey to becoming more sustainable – personally and as a society. And to bring fair wages and working practices to all those who farm and make the raw ingredients for the things we buy.
And people in this space are motivated.
Motivated to be part of the solution, to problem solve. Motivated to bring about positive change.

How does that fit?

At its heart and done correctly, these mindsets are what Network Marketing is all about.

You have to be motivated because building a business is not quick or easy.

You have to be motivated to learn and practice the skill sets you need. And you have to be motivated because no one is going to do it for you, just like with the eco-friendly space we know it starts with us, the effort we are willing to put in.

Networking marketing is all about bringing value to people and sharing. Sharing your journey, knowledge, and experience. Sharing what you learn as you go, and paving the way for others to follow.

It is all about helping and supporting customers to find the products that are of most help to them.
And helping and supporting others who want to join your team to build their own businesses and change their world.
It’s about giving everyone as equal an opportunity as possible to build a life on their terms.

What about balance? Balance is an ongoing battle in all areas, being aware of it, is what’s important.

For us, it can look like

– Being aware that eco perfection doesn’t exist very often, but we can keep striving to do better and get closer to it all the time.
– Recognising that people want a better work-life balance.
– And balancing what we can do now with our vision for what that makes possible in the future.

And when you can see the bigger picture, you recognise that the small things we do every day add up to make a difference, in fact, it’s vital when you’re running your own business too. Because those small actions, done CONSISTENTLY, will bring results.

We knew with these shared values and mindsets it was possible to build a very special business.
Built around more than just money. A business that had strong ethics, and community.
A business that could reach and be an important part of communities like no other.
And one that could support other small but vital businesses that are changing the world.

So why did we make Wikaniko a Network Marketing company?

Because we knew it could

  • Have more impact.
  • Change more lives and
  • Be an even greater force for positive change than just another e-commerce store.

    We knew that together, we could be part of impacting not just the products people used, but also their time and financial freedom.
    Their access to a like-minded and strong community.

Together we could help empower people to be part of the solution and take charge of their earning opportunities.

Together we could help more small business owners.

And together we could help to change the perception of the network marketing industry far more than we ever could alone.

Because bringing about lasting positive change, doesn’t happen alone. It happens when we work together. And that is the MAJOR thing that both the eco-friendly space and Network Marketing have in common.

If you have yet to join us on the journey and would be interested in finding out more you can do so here.
If you’d like to know more about how NWM works as a concept, you can find that here

And of course if you would like to have a chat with us about how this could work for you, or if you have questions you can email us on hello@wikaniko.com or call on 01603 512248.

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