Where to Buy Your Eco-Friendly Products

Where to order your eco-friendly products from?

If you are still looking for somewhere to buy your eco-friendly products, then look no further. At Wikaniko, nearly 1,000 everyday household items for you to choose from. It does not matter if:

  • You are starting out on your eco journey and are wondering where to start or
  • You regularly purchase eco-friendly products but now want to do so from one supplier

We have your needs covered.

When we started Wikaniko back in 2008 it was difficult to source eco-friendly products full stop, never mind being able to get them from one supplier. That is why we created Wikaniko.

We have everything from household bags, deodorants, feminine care products, sun creams, chocolate, dog treats, baby products and much more.

Many of these items are also now plastic free and vegan.

We deal with manufacturers of all sizes. For example, Faith in Nature, Bio-D and Green People are well known. But we also like to deal with smaller businesses that are wanting to play their part too. These include Valley Mist (creators of the amazing plastic free Lip Balm) and Earth Conscious who bring us plastic free deodorants.

Why Order From Wikaniko?

As well as great eco-friendly products we have an amazing team behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly. If you have any questions regarding products, orders, the suppliers we use, then please get in touch with us. We will be happy to help.

Your orders are also dispatched super quickly! Orders are processed around 6am every weekday (excluding Bank Holidays) and are either sent via Royal Mail or DHL.

Aftercare. We will make contact with you to ensure all is well with your order and whether we can be of further assistance.

FREE shipping available on orders over £50. *

Order your eco-friendly products right here at www.wikaniko.com

Register as a Wikaniko customer today and start your eco-journey with others that really care.

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