What’s the deal with Veganuary?

What’s the deal with Veganuary?

This January we’re really focusing on our tag line, “one step at a time” and how it can have a positive impact on not just your environmental impact, but really on every area of your life.
(And to be honest we found it’s all linked, the way you approach one thing seems to spill over and become the way you approach everything)

Rather than suggesting that you turn vegan over night the founders of Veganuary have the same kind of philosophy, suggesting instead that you try it for a month, and see how you feel.

Why Vegan?

According to veganuary’s website these are people’s reasons for trying veganuary
22% because of health
46% Animal welfare
21% for environmental concerns and
11% had Other reasons

The fact is that some ways in which animal products are produced are having a sever impact on the environment

  • From cutting down Rainforests for grazing and/ or soy production for animal feed
  • To the large amount of methane that cows are reported to produce
  • To the transportation of it all around the world.

It is why even if you are not prepared to go Vegan, it is so important that you know where your food is coming from.

I honestly believe there is no “one size fits all” approach.
Having an open mind to the fact that in truth we can ALL probably do some things in a better (more eco/sustainable/healthier) and making possible tweaks and changes one step at a time is a win.

Trying out Veganuary for a month is a brilliant place to start and if you sign up (HERE) for their help they will send you loads of recipes, store cupboard must haves and hints and tips to set you up for success.

Do I have to change everything?

Well, that is the idea for the month at least.
But we understand that life is busy and there is a lot going on if you feel like  the month is too much, or that you are not able/ready to be fully vegan, try –

  • Having a vegan day once or twice a week.
  • If you can’t live without cheese, then try dropping meat, fish and milk and keeping the cheese…
  • Cutting down on meat but buying local when you do.
  • Starting with Meat free days.
  • Or even just looking into where your animal products come from, and how they’re farmed could be a great start.There are loads of ways you can make little tweaks that make a big difference. And we’ll be posting a few of our favourite vegan recipes this month to help.

(In the pursuit of transparency, I have to tell you that as a family we are not vegan every day of the week. We have other dietary limitations that have to be adhered to for medical reasons. Which would make being 100% vegan very restrictive.
We also keep 8 chickens ourselves. Who are very pampered, live very free range (bird flu allowing) and we do use their eggs. Mostly for baking.)

It’s not just about food…

Vegan products make an impact too.
Making sure that the products you are using for your skin care, hair care, cleaning etc. Are not tested on animals and contain no animal products.

There’s no doubt that awareness around the topic of the environment, animal welfare and our health and how they are all linked is on the rise. To reflect this there are more vegan products that ever before to choose from. Meaning that it’s even easier to find food and products that will fit with you.

When searching the Wikaniko site you will find a handy Vegan tick box which you can tick to filter out any non-vegan products to make shopping this veganuary and beyond that little easier for you

These are a few of the products that are the most popular –
Leaf Wraps
Washing up liquid

Take a step, they all have an impact, and you never know where it might lead 🙂

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