What does being eco-friendly mean?

We have all heard the term eco-friendly, but what does eco-friendly mean?

In the last 10 years or so the terms “eco-friendly,” “going green,” “biodegradable” etc have been common in the press, news, with celebrities and from manufacturers. The thing is, the term “eco-friendly” has more than one meaning and because of this, it can actually turn people away. However, at Wikaniko, we want to help educate people on what being “eco-friendly” can mean for them. Then, by having a better understanding, allowing people to make more “eco-friendly” choices for the better of themselves and the planet.

By definition, “eco-friendly” means not harmful to the environment (see source at https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/environmentally-friendly). Most commonly people tend to think of reducing energy as the main way to be more “eco-friendly” but along with the products we buy, there are many areas we can look at.

Eco-Friendly products are more frequently available then ever before. These products aim to be less toxic for both the Earth and us personally. Eco-friendly products can be considered as recycled, organic, Fairtrade, vegan, biodegradable etc. As well as specialist sites (such as Wikaniko.com) various “eco-friendly” products are now popping up in supermarkets and high-street shops. This just goes to show that demand for more sustainable products is there.

We can all do more to be / live more eco-friendly besides the products we purchase though. We can all make changes to the way we live by developing more eco-friendly habits. These can be really simple things such as switching off lights when leaving a room, turning down the thermostat a degree or so, boiling just enough water in the kettle rather than filling it to the brim every time.

There are more extensive ways to be more eco-friendly. We can install solar panels, heat pumps, switching to electric cars.

A key thing to remember is any “eco-friendly” changes we all make, whether big or small, can only be a positive thing.

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