It’s Zero Waste Week, but less is more too.

It’s Zero Waste Week, but less is more too.

Did you know, this week is Zero Waste Week? Although the idea is to encourage people to go zero waste – which is great – the reality is it’s not easy.

Zero waste means nothing being sent to landfill.
As a consumer being zero waste takes a big effort, and manufacturers need to do more to help. But by making choices where we can, we use our consumer power to tell manufacturers what we want, and what we will no longer put up with.

We don’t all have to try and go zero waste over night, any steps we can take to produce LESS waste are really important and they do, really, all add up.

Here are some simple things we can all do to help

  • Refuse – things like single use plastic – straws or stirrers or things like receipts you don’t need, or extra paper napkins, plastic bottles,  junk mail.

    Reusable Ecoffee Cup Bonfrer Bamboo Plastic Free

  • Reuse – Have your own drinks bottle, reusable coffee cup, travel cutlery and drinking straws. Use food wraps to avoid cling film or sandwich bags.
    Millions of single use bottles and cups are still used every day & everyone choosing to reuse instead really does make a difference.
  • Wear again – The fashion industry is one of the most damaging on earth and fast fashion is a major contributor. By choosing to re-wear clothes multiple times, buying clothes that will last, shopping second hand and also choosing ethical brands we can make a massive difference to the effect our clothing habits have on the planet.
  • Switch – Are there any simple switches you can make to reduce waste? Shampoo bars instead of bottles, Reusable period wear, reusable nappies, bamboo tooth brush, soap bars rather than hand wash, hankies instead of tissues, there are lots of tiny tweaks that add up to a big difference
  • Recycle what you can. But make sure you check WHAT you can recycle in your area. By adding the wrong thing to your recycling bin it is possible to contaminate a whole lorry load of recycling. Sending it all to landfill, ouch!
  • Compost. Having a compost bin is a great way to make use of food waste, and help your garden. If you get a hot composter you can even compost meat & bones!! If you don’t have a garden maybe a neighbour or community garden would like it.

You can find out more about Zero Waste week, it’s history and aims here

Are there any tips you would add? Which do you already do?

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