How Does Network Marketing Work?

Two questions we get asked quite a lot are “how does network marketing work?” And “why did we choose to make Wikaniko a network marketing company?”

How Network marketing works is an important question, because it can get quite a bad rap. Some of this is deserved – every industry has its bad apples – but most of it is not, and is caused by misinformation.

There is a short answer and a proper answer to this question.

The short answer that you will hear from mostly misinformed folk is –

“It’s where you join a company and then you have to convince loads of other people to join.”

But that’s a bit like saying “if you start a Café, you then have to force people to eat cake.”

Yes, you want customers, and often (but not always) people want to build a team too (more on that later) but it’s just like any other business. 


You want your customers and team members to come to you because you’re providing great products and great personalised service. 


So how does Network Marketing work?

Network marketing shares similarities with Affiliate marketing, franchises, direct sales, and even influencer marketing.

It makes sense to use Wikaniko as an example, as that’s the company we’re most familiar with.

You can join the company as a distributor (Like a franchise, but at a fraction of the cost)

You then have access to all the products we stock at a discounted rate. When you recommend these products and someone buys them you earn money based on what they bought. (Like an affiliate, or a shop).

However, there are some differences here. These will vary from NWM company to NWM company- in our case, like an affiliate you can just promote the products online and send people through your unique link. But you can also get customers in lots of other ways too like

  • Delivering catalogues
  • Having a stall at events
  • Setting up your own branded website
  • Home parties
  • Social media
  • blogs

It is your business to run however you would like to (as long as it’s legal and ethical) we just take a lot of the pressure off.

For example – 

  • You have access to hundreds of eco-friendly products, without having to source them. We do  that. 
  • There is no need to have the headache of storing products in great quantities. We do that.
  • You don’t have to pack up orders and send them to customers, we do that.
  • You don’t have to worry about sourcing new products, writing website descriptions, SEO or staff…
  • This is a great way to start a business with almost no overheads or fixed costs.

This frees you to work the business your way, at your speed, without worrying about paying lots of extra bills before you even have money coming in.

That being said, this is still a business. And it will take investment from you to work.

Investment of time, and investment of some money.

Anyone who tries to tell you differently is one of those people who give this industry a bad reputation.

You will find if you decide that this is a path for you that there are skills to learn and hone, and a process to go through.

Those skills though will serve you in every area of your life, and you might even find that they help you in whatever job you have now.

Another area where this industry gets misunderstood is when people think they should or are told to go out and get all their friends and family to be customers and join.

We’ve been in this industry for a long time, and believe approaching friends and family is usually the hardest way to start.

Any company worth it’s salt will train you on how to get customers from the pool of people who want what you have. This means you can keep your friends. And your family will still want to see you at Christmas.

Team Building

Getting customers is one part.

The other part is team building.

What is team building?

It means that other people who would like to (in this case) build their own eco-friendly business, just like you, can sign up to do so with you as their sponsor.

To sponsor someone means that they are part if your team. You help and support them to grow their business (along with head office and the rest of the team). As a reward you will earn an override on the business they bring in. A little like you opening franchises of your business in other areas.

It’s where people get really excited about NWM and start seeing big exciting numbers. It’s also where more misinformation creeps in. Because yes, you can build a big business that gives you residual income this way. But no, it’s not a case of introducing 3 people and sitting back and waiting for the big cheques to roll in.

If you do not work your business, your business won’t work. It takes consistent effort over a sustained period of time to reap rewards.

You need to hone your craft, build those skills, and nurture and build relationships. And all of that takes time.

In Summery

What Network Marketing isn’t

  • It isn’t easy – it is a business just like any other and you will have to work it.
  • It isn’t get rich quick
  • A job. You do not get paid by the hour. You don’t even get paid directly for the work you do.  In the beginning you will probably feel like you’re doing a lot of work for very little result. So if you can’t handle that Network Marketing or starting any business probably isn’t for you.

So How does Network Marketing work? Much like any other business. Except,

  • This is a way to start a business with very little risk.
  • There is (at least in Wikaniko) a brilliant team to help, support and cheer you on every step of the way. No going it alone. 
  • There is no figuring stuff out for yourself, as you get free training and usually a lot of personal development training too.
  • You get products that are tried, tested and loved
  • You can work from anywhere
  • Part-time, Full-time or some-time
  • And there is no one to tell you where the limit is for you. You get to decide that.

But it takes work, it takes being coachable, it takes consistency and time. And there are learning curves. If you can handle that, then why not have a look at some more specific information about how Wikaniko works as a business HERE


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  1. Hi. It’s refreshing to find a NWM company that (1) has products priced so they avoid *buyer resistance and (2) don’t want you to join the NFL Club (No Friends Left)! On your site, I found two product brands Faith in Nature shampoo and Green People that my wife uses. I thought that was amazing! All the best for your future.

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