Growing Your Own Fruit & Veg

My love of growing veg started when I was around 7 years old. I remember bringing home some runner bean seeds that we had grown on some wet tissue paper in school and planting them in some grow bags. I can’t say that I was particularly keen on runner beans back then but the fact that I had grown something was amazing.

As an adult, my desire to grow more of our own food has increased. Now I’m no expert at all, but over the years our results have improved. We are now making better use of the space we have and getting better yields.

We have spoken about these results in some of our social media posts before, but with more and more people wanting to grow their own produce, we thought we would start to document what we are doing and the results we are getting.

Don’t get me wrong, we are far from experts, but by sharing what we are doing, and what has worked for us, might just help others to give it a go, or to share their own results and advice with us. That way we can all benefit.

Starting this month (January), we are going to be sharing what we are doing in our veg garden and what we are doing to prepare for the month ahead.

Time easily gets away from us all and having a “to do” list can be very useful.

We are very fortunate in that we have a fairly good sized veg patch. This means that we can grow a decent amount of produce. But even if you are restricted by space, you can still grow a few items in pots or baskets. These include tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, carrots and many more.

We would love you to get involved and share your stories and pictures as well.

Check out next weeks blog post to see what we are getting up to.

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