Give-Back Friday

Give-Back Friday

Give-Back Friday
Children & Trees

This year we’re switching Black Friday up a little bit. We’ve never been ones for following the crowds anyway…

One problem we have with Black Friday is that it drives consumerism. Something we all already have an insatiable need for.
Don’t get me wrong if you’re in need of a new washing machine and you’re able to go and get one at 50% cheaper than at other times then perfect!
But primarily it’s a force to encourage us to buy things we don’t need, simply because we love a bargain.

We believe that it can be a force for good, however.
This year especially has been hard on many, and charities are struggling too, both because many have had more pressure this year, and have also not been able to raise the funds they would in a normal year.

So this year from Friday 27th – Monday 30th rather than discounts, we’re doing Give-Back Friday where we’re giving 10% of the value of every order* to Charity.

It’s really hard to choose from all the amazing ones out there, in the end, we decided to keep it simple and support 2 causes that are reasons why Wikaniko even exists.

So we have chosen to support this Give-Back Friday the environment and children.

One of the Charities we’re choosing to support is Action For Children. They have helped many children and families for years, and have helped many children stay safe and fed during the pandemic.

They’re now doing all they can to ensure all children in the UK get a hot meal, present and safe place to sleep this Christmas. Something our own children are lucky enough to take for granted.

The second Charity we want to support with Give-Back Friday is The Heart Of England Forest.
As the name suggests this is a forest in the heart of England , that was started in 1996.

Their aim is to plant a broadleaf forest that stretches across the heart of England -the ancient woodlands of tomorrow. Currently, it’s stretching over 4000 acres with over 1.5million trees planted.

But it’s not just a forest they’re all about biodiversity so there are also areas of dedicated heathland, wetland and grassland. It’s an area for anyone to enjoy, and wildlife to flourish.

We appreciate how lucky we are to have a business that has been able to carry on through this crazy year. We appreciate how lucky we are that our children are home and fed, and we appreciate how important outside space has been for all of us this year, and is for all years, and how important trees are for safeguarding the future for all of us.

We thank you for your support this year – and every year. And we hope that being able to give back whilst also getting some super things you need from our website or catalogue will give you an extra reason to smile this weekend.


*10% applies to order value before taxes and shipping. in

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