Gifts don’t have to come wrapped

It’s so tempting, especially if you have kiddies, to get them everything that you can. All the shiny plasticy, stuff they’ve seen on TV… but in all honestly, does much of it really get played with far after the day? Are we just left with a sea of paper and more ‘things’ to find a home for?

I feel gifting is changing. As more and more people shy away, not only from the endless ‘stuff’ but also the financial obligation that can become a burden.

There is a… guideline for gift buying that states that 4 is the magic number

    1. Something they want
    2. Something they need
    3. Something to wear
    4. Something to read.

But whether you’re buying gifts for friends, family, children, there are so many options of alternative gifts that don’t have to cost much in terms of money or the planet.


There are so many brilliant experience gifts that can be given for young and old, including:

      • Spa days
      • Cookery courses
      • Driving adventures
      • Wine tasting
      • Panic rooms
      • Treetop adventures
      • Tickets to a local theme park or attraction
      • National trust membership
      • Lessons

There really are so many. One set of grandparents always buys a terms worth of swimming lessons for our girls, and our lovely neighbours got them season tickets to a local attraction that they love.
With a bit of searching around, you can often find some really good deals as well.


Handmade gifts are always a treat. Again one of my girls favourite things from last Christmas was a handmade wand, and of the ‘stuff’ they received last year they have certainly been played with the most (I’ve been turned into a cat, and a frog a lot this year!)

Homemade gifts of, Jam, chutney, cake, a scarf, photo book, anything you can think of are lovely and original gifts.

More sustainable purchases

There are more sustainable gifts you can buy too, such as;
Wildflower Gift Sets
Bamboo Socks

But there are also gifts such as

  • Potted plants
    Or you could
  • Plant a tree, an increasing number of organisations now offer this service including the Woodland trust and the National forest.

Shop local.

If you want to give physical gifts try and support local businesses, your local high street or craft fairs/markets. Putting money into the local economy and cutting out miles travelled for you gifts are two great steps you can take. Also you’re able to cut out the packaging from the equation too.


Then there is the gift of time.
You could make a special Princess afternoon tea for your grandchildren
Babysit for a neighbour so they could have an evening out.
Help someone with their garden
Teach someone a skill you have

The options are limited only by your imagination.

Gifts no longer have to come wrapped, just from the heart.

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