A Home Halloween with all the fun? Bring it on!

A Home Halloween with all the fun? Bring it on! 

At home Halloween with all the funIs it possible to have a fun-filled Halloween at home, that’s also as eco-friendly as possible? I believe so, Yes!

Here are a few of our ideas, some we’ve tried before,  and some that are going to be a first this year.

  •  When I was ickle ( which i’m adamant wasn’t THAT long ago) Halloween costumes were mostly home made. Now I’m not crafty but I don’t think you have to be.  Get the kids involved too, (I see why teens and pre-teens might be too ‘cool’ for this!) they’ll love it even more than a fancy shop bought one, even if its just paint and tape and card!
    – See what you can buy second hand.
    – And can you gift old costumes away or sell on?
    – Re purpose things from previous years or just make a costume from things       around the house
  • Pumpkins, we spend a fortune on pumpkins in the UK every year and the vast majority of them go straight in the bin, after an evening of use. But there is soo much more they can be.
    Pumpkins are super nutritious so it seems a shame to just throw all that goodness out.- Seeds – clean up the pumpkin seeds with a wash in a sieve and roast them with a little Paprika or Chili or just salt and pepper, there are some great ideas on the bbcfood site HERE
    Or if you’re really not a fan you can also use them to feed birds.

    – Flesh – use some of the flesh to make a pumpkin soup. There are loads of recipes online, we love spicy pumpkin soup, it’s super warming and filling.
    There is also pumpkin pie

    – Feed the wildlife cut up your pumpkin and pop it in the garden for birds, and critters to snack on.

    – If all else fails compost it and recycle that goodness.

  • Instead of loads of plastic covered sweets and chocolate, why not make some goodies with your littles. Like Halloween biscuits or cakes.
  • If you do end up with a lot of sweet wrappers save them up and recycle with terra-cycle.
  • No trick or treating this year? Never fear! There are loads of fun things you can do right at home.- Lots of areas seem to be doing pumpkin trails, so see if there is one in your area. You could offer a treat for each pumpkin they find, or just a stash at the end.

    – You could go a bit “Easter” and do a treat hunt round your house*, or a treasure hunt.  (Or garden of course if the weather allows!)

    – Have a scavenger hunt round your house – or garden. Hide Halloween-y things or make cardboard cut outs.

    – Pumpkin carving  – or if you don’t feel like getting the sharp things out with littles about try painting your pumpkins.

    – Make shadow puppets and put on a spooky play.

    – Face painting

    – Spooky rock painting

    – Pumpkin carving or painting

    – Spooky movies

    – Ghost leaf decorations – these are actually really effective, find some leaves, paint them white and then pop little black dots for eyes and mouth, look great as a table decoration or in a window.

    – Pin the spider on the web (like pin the tail on the donkey, but spookier!)

    – Halloween dance party, we love a dance at the best of times so having a spooky dance party is even more fun.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas to have some amazing family fun this Halloween. Let us know if you have any other ideas, or which ones you had most fun with!

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