15 Free energy saving tips

14 Free tips to save energy

It’s big energy saving week this week, and with fuel prices set to be high this year there has never been a better time to look at ways to save energy.
It’s also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Here are 15 Free energy saving tips

1. The first of our free energy saving tips you’ve probably heard before…Turn your thermostat down 1 degree. (or more!) By turning your thermostat down 1 degree it could save on average £80 a year.
However it was estimated in 2020 that 2/3 of households had their thermostat set to greater than 20’c. Whilst nearly 2million homes had theirs set to over 25’c
If everyone turned their heating down by 1 degree it would save £1.4 billion

2. Close curtains to keep heat in. Closing curtains or blinds can reduce heat loss by 15-17% depending on the type of glass/frames

3. Only heat your home when you’re home, and don’t keep the heating on all night.

4. Turn the heating right down in rooms you don’t use.

5. Cover pans when you’re cooking. By covering a pan when you’re cooking you can save 20% of the energy needed to heat the contents. And of you’re boiling water only boil the amount you need.

6. Stop draughts, draught excluders (even old towels will work) can save chilly draughts making your home feel colder. And save you around £30 a year in energy bills.

7. According to the Energy Savings Trust you can save around £40 a year simply by Turning appliances off and not leaving them on standby!

8. Cooler washing. By washing your clothes at 30’c instead of higher temperatures saves you money, and is kinder to your clothes helping them to last longer too. Only washing when you have a full load is also going to save you money and energy.

9. Avoid the tumble drier. This are super energy hungry. And a tumble drier can produce more CO2 in a year than a tree can absorb in 50 years.
Whilst the convenience is nice, drying clothes outside whenever possible, or on a clothes rack inside will save you ££ and massively reduce your carbon output. Again its also kinder to your clothes keeping them looking fresher.

10. Careful with the Kettle. Overfilling the kettle and therefore boiling more than we need wastes energy, money and time.

11. Turn the thermostat down on your hot water. If you’re heating your hot water and then adding cold to it you’re wasting energy. Also make sure your hot water tank is as insulated as possible to keep the water hot as long as possible.

12. Short sharp shower. If you can shower in 4 minutes then the typical household can save around £45 a year on their energy bills.

13. If your freezer doesn’t automatically defrost make sure to defrost it every 6 months to keep it at its most efficient. Also make sure to keep the back of it clean.

14. Turn lights off when you leave a room. And don’t leave lights on over night. Leaving a light on over night can produce the same about of carbon as driving from London to Paris according to a study by Cambridge University.

15. Switch energy Supplier. Shopping around for a cheaper supplier can be well worth your time. Take into consideration where your energy is coming from and switch to the greenest tariff or company you can. Remember that we vote with our money. The way we spend tells companies the kind of world we want to live in and the more people use green energy the more affordable it becomes.

I hope those free energy saving tips help you save some money this winter

These 5 extra things will cost you money to implement but can save even more in the long term.

  • Insulate. About 1/4 of the heat lost in the home is through the loft. Insulating your loft can save you hundreds. A detached house can save about £225 a year.
    If your home has cavity walls then getting those insulated can save you around £160 a year.
  • When it is time to replace your appliances get the best energy efficiency you can
  • Switch to LED bulbs as your bulbs need replacing. They are far cheaper to run than other types of bulb, – 12% cheaper than energy efficient bulbs and 74% cheaper than incandescent bulbs.
  • Get a water efficient shower head. Shower heads that add air to the water can feel just as powerful or more powerful but use a fraction of the water
  • Consider Solar panels. Having solar panels installed can save you 1/3 of your energy bills

Doing little things can be just as important as the big things when it comes to saving energy, money and carbon. Do as many as you can and you might be pleasantly surprised at how your bills are helped. And the planet too.

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