12 Best Selling Eco-Friendly Products

We are all becoming more aware of the environmental impact our buying choices have on the environment. Whether this is in the press, media, advertising etc, we just can’t escape it. And why should we want to? We are all responsible for the impact our lives have had on the planet, we should all want to do our bit to prevent the climate crisis from getting any worse.


By definition, “eco-friendly” means not harmful to the environment (see source at https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/environmentally-friendly). Most commonly people tend to think of reducing energy as the main way to be more “eco-friendly” but our buying choices are equally, if not more so important.


That’s why at Wikaniko, we have put together some of the ultimate everyday eco-friendly consumable products under one roof, to make your eco-friendly purchasing as easy as possible

And to help you out further, here are our 12 Best Selling Eco-Friendly Products.

  • D2W Degradable Bin Bags. We have stocked these degradable bags since we launched Wikaniko back in 2008 and they remain our No.1 eco-friendly product with our customers today. You can view the full range of D2W degradable bin liners here.
  • Another easy eco-friendly swap is soap are the affordable Vegan soaps from Friendly Soap are an amazing choice. They are also Plastic Free, Palm Oil Free, SLS & Paraben Free. Importantly they are also excellent soap bars produced here in the UK using traditional cold pressed methods. The range of Friendly Soaps can be seen here.
  • Eco-friendly sanitary products are becoming more and more popular and we have some great choices available. Traditional but eco-friendly plastic free & organic sanitary pads, panty liners and tampons from Natracare are a no-brainer in our opinion. For those that want to go a step further, we have the Mooncup or washable re-usable Bamboo Sanitary Pads from Bambaw.
  • More parents are wanting to use eco-friendly products on their babies and children and Beaming Baby supply some wonderful Organic bathtime products for their delicate skin. The Solid Bar Company also have some natural soothing balms which are truly amazing.
  • Bio-D provide an extensive range of eco-friendly household cleaning products. From Eco-friendly Bathroom Cleaners, Toilet Cleaners and All purpose Sanitisers, your natural cleaning needs are met.
  • Plastic Free Shampoo Bars. Plastic Free products are increasingly popular but switching to plastic free Shampoo Bars is a fairly easy switch to make. Produced right here in the UK we have options from Faith in Nature and Friendly Soap. Results can vary slightly and there can be a transition period but once you get them working, you won’t want to turn back.
  • Plastic Free Toilet Rolls from WhoGivesACrap are great eco-friendly product to switch to. As well a being good for the environment, they are good for your bum too – no inks, dyes or scents are added.
  • Ditch the disposable razors in favour of the plastic free Bamboo Safety Razor from Bambaw. Don’t be afraid, with a little care and the right technique, you will have a far superior shave with this eco-friendly safety razor than the plastic disposables or the multi bladed branded alternatives.
  • Plastic Free Washing Up Bar from Primal Suds. Reduce the plastic in your kitchen with this old school Washing Up Bar. Accompany with a plastic free dish brush or UnSponge for the ultimate plastic free washing up routine.
  • Organic Cotton Wool from Simply Gentle. Organic cotton wool is grown and picked without the use of any harmful substances such as pesticides or other toxic chemicals. Organic cotton is also free from bleach and is pigment free, which often results in a slightly off-white colour when used in fabrics. It’s also hypoallergenic, which makes organic cotton wool products a more suitable option for those who suffer from allergies.
  • Premium health supplements from Kiki-Health. Yes being eco-friendly is about what we put in our bodies just as much as what we use on the outside. These sustainable, 100% natural, zero preservatives supplements will help look after your health proving your immune system an all important boost.
  • Eco-friendly natural skin care is a vast area to cover with so many options available. However the eco-friendly skincare products from Green People are amazing. Their eco-friendly credentials include Cruelty Free, Vegan, Soil Association Organic and more.

This is just a small selection of the eco-friendly products available in the Wikaniko shop.

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