10 things you’ve probably never thought of using a lemon for….

10 things you’ve probably never thought of using a lemon for….

Have you ever noticed that so many cleaning products have a lemony fresh scent?
This may not just be because its sharp citrus-y notes feel fresh and clean, but because lemons actually have some ‘super’ powers – they can be a secret weapon in your cleaning arsenal, and help to massively reduce the amount of 10 things you've probably never thought of using a lemon for....chemicals in your home.

Not only are they antibacterial and acidic – so great for tackling limescale they’re also great at cutting through grease,

And that fresh scent of their helps too, because it’s nice when things smell clean as well as actually being clean.

Here are just a few of the ways that lemons can help you out around the house.

  1. Chopping boards – Lemons are naturally antibacterial and great at getting stains out, either cut the lemon and rub it all over the board or you can juice the lemon and just rub the juice straight into the board. If you want a little extra scrubbing power you can sprinkle some salt over the board too. Then leave for a while to give the stains time to fade, or even over night before rising well and drying.
  2. Wipe a cut lemon over shower screens, draining boards and taps to keep limescale at bay, wipe with a damp cloth and gently buff to a shine.
  3. Descale your kettle by adding some lemon slices to it, and boiling. Allow the lemons to stay in there for an hour and then rinse well.
  4. Window and Mirror Cleaner. Simply sqeeze about 3 tablespoons of lemon juice into a srpay bottle and add about 150ml of water. Shake the bottle spray onto mirrors or windows and wipe using a clean cloth. Works just as well as vinegar and smells better! (you can keep this solution for around a week, but it will go bad after that.)
  5. To freshen your fridge. We’ve talked before about how bicarbonate of soda can keep your fridge smelling sweet. The humble lemon can too. Simply cut in half and leave in your fridge, or squeeze and have a small bowl of lemon juice in the fridge. (The lemon or juice will need replacing about once a week, whereas bicarb lasts about a month)
  6. Remove stains from clothing. Rub lemon juice on the spot ,and leave for a while or overnight before washing as normal. Works even better if you can leave clothes to dry in the sun. (don’t use on silk or delicate fabrics)
  7. Can also brighten whites. Soak white fabrics in a dilute lemon and hot water (100ml to 3L) mix and then wash as normal, again works best if fabric can then dry in the sun. (don’t use on silk or delicate fabrics)
  8. Use lemon Juice and an old toothbrush to clean grout.
  9. Lemon is great at cutting through grease so is great for cleaning cooker hoods, hobs and also BBQ’s.
  10. Can be used to clean the toilet too. You can use lemon juice and salt to scrub the toilet bowl or if you want some fizz, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda.

On top of that, lemons are great with honey if you have a cold, makes great desserts (my other half makes a mean lemon cheesecake) and look lovely in your fruit bowl!

Who says it has to cost more to be a little more eco friendly?

Caution – Please do not use lemon to clean natural stone and anything that is brass plated. These things do not get on with lemon.
Also please always do a patch test on any area or clothing first, just to be safe.

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