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When we started Wikaniko 10 years ago being green or living sustainably was still a bit hippy-woo-woo.

Now though, you can proudly and boldly walk into work sporting your reusable coffee cup without raising so much as an eyebrow,  or your colleagues taking bets on when you’re going to run off and live in the woods

Life’s busy though, right? A battle of conscience vs. convenience: “I want shampoo that won’t destroy the planet… but I don’t want to spend my day researching shampoo.”

You don’t need that burden, so let us shoulder it for you.
We’ve carefully sourced products that are tried and tested by us and our customers. All with great eco credentials, our products have been responsibly sourced and lovingly made. You can feel great using them, knowing you’re still living your life — just in a more planet-friendly way.

Where it all began

You’ve probably been here – just sitting around the dinner table having a nice family meal, no intention of starting a business at all when talk turns…. and before you know it you’re putting the world to rights.

There had been an article about a “plastic island” that had been discovered in the Pacific Ocean. (This was back in 2008 before the plastic crisis was much talked about.) We couldn’t shake this hideous knowledge without doing something about it… and Wikaniko was born.

To be honest, we didn’t initially start out with the idea of starting a business. We just decided that we should start changing some of the things we did. We had never really given much thought to where the products we used came from, what was in them or where they ended up once we threw them away. But when we started to try and find alternatives, it was tough!

It occurred to us that you might be having the same struggles, so we started gathering together the products we found to make it easier for you to find them – and easier for you to have them in your life.

Since those early days, a lot has changed of course. We’re all aware of the plastic crisis and the threats of global warming. (Well, almost all of us.)

We know that the plastic island issue is more complicated and widespread than it appeared back then and we know this essential truth:

It’s all of us making small changes that will add up to a massive difference.

The hidden motives behind Wikaniko

When we started it was because we cared about the earth and our effect on it. Since then we’ve had our two daughters, and what we do has become even more important.

Now it’s about what we’re leaving them, and what their future will hold.

We want it to hold oceans full of wonders, thriving woodlands and forests, abundant wildlife; we want their life to be filled with choices, not hardships. And we want them to know that we did our best to leave them a world to be proud of.

We also want to help you. We started this as a way to make a difference. Along the way we have learnt so much, made so many friends and become part of a wonderful community working together to shake things up a little and create some positive change.

We want to make living sustainably easy for all and completely second nature. We all love comfort and luxury, but we believe that these should be able to be obtained without damaging the environment.

Our goal is to help empower you with the knowledge and confidence to be able to make conscious choices about the products you use.

We want you to be able to enjoy your life, just the way you want to live it safe in the knowledge that your lifestyle is sustainable and working with, rather than against the environment.

Better together

If you’d like to come and join in we would love to have you, whether as a customer, a team member (affiliate) or a newsletter subscriber, you’re a valuable member of the Wikaniko family and we can’t wait to connect.

If there are products or services that you would like us to offer then get in touch. Some of our best product ideas have come from our customers.

We’re always learning and growing and we will always continue to do so, to enable us to bring you the best products and information that we can.

Your products are packaged with love and care, in plastic free, recyclable, reusable and biodegradable packaging, and sent to you the same or next working day.

We believe that the best way to make changes is one step at a time!
It can feel overwhelming in the beginning, so start with a couple of products and build from there. One day you will look back and be amazed at how far you have come!

If you want some inspiration for where to get started then have a look at our blog, and our best sellers’ category. Our FAQ’s page is great if you have questions, but if you want to get in touch then please do. It’ll be lovely to hear from you.

With Warmest Wishes

Andrew & Kate

Kate and our daughters - the reason why Wikaniko has become even more important.

Andrew and our daughters and why Wikaniko has become even more important.

Animal Testing Policy

Wikaniko believes that no animals should be harmed for the purposes of producing cosmetic and toiletry products. We are opposed to the use of animal testing for cosmetics (or any other) purposes.

We do not use any supplier who we believe is, or may use ingredients that have been tested on animals. Each supplier is contacted and asked to state their policy on animal testing.


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Wikaniko Ltd
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