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Libby Chan Smelly Pet Tonic

Quick Overview

Our top selling pet product - Introducing an amazing pet friendly cleaner & Odour eater super powered by nature. Made from 100% natural & Edible ingredients combined via fermentation into a powerful probiotic force. No Harmful chemicals, No perfumes.

"This is the greenest anti 'bad' bacterial i have ever used or come across! I love this product" - Nick Thompson The Holistic Vet


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Libby’s Smelly Pet Tonic & Spray Bottle

Made with all natural ingredients

If you thought probiotics were just for yogurt guzzlers as an aid to digestion then you will learn something new today.

We know that probiotics will increase the number of beneficial & friendly bacteria in a specific environment but that environment does not have to be your insides!

Introducing a radical new approach to keeping your house clean, pet friendly & odour free.

The big cleaning manufacturers keep telling us to kill all known germs dead, that a sterile environment is a clean & healthy environment and that we should be downright scared of touching anything that hasn’t been flooded with gallons of chemicals or anti-bacterial cleaners. Some of us know that this approach is far from healthy and frankly dangerous for us, our families and our pets. By killing all bacteria you also kill all the beneficial strains that live with us & help us & our pets build and maintain resistance to the bad. You also INCREASE the number of bad bacteria in your home – this is because the ONLY thing that can compete with bad bacteria for the space & food is other bacteria! By killing all the good the bad just come back stronger, faster and more resilient than before.

The most effective way to combat this is to use a friendly bacterial fighting force so the clever folk at My Living Water UK have created Libby’s Smelly Pet Tonic. A probiotic cleaner & odour eater concentrate made from all natural products containing friendly & beneficial bacteria. These bacteria create a balanced microbial environment by producing enzymes which break down odours, grease, dirt and grime. With continued use, Libby’s Smelly Pet Tonic probiotic cleaner & odour eater creates a natural, clean, healthy and balanced home eco-system; chemical free and safe for you, your family & your pet!

Concentrated formula, 500ml bottle makes 2.5 Litres of product!


500ml bottle & 250ml Spray bottle.




Here we have answered all the common questions that people tend to ask us before they start using libby's smelly pet tonic or have just started to use it.

Is it just for pet smells?

Not at all. While libby’s smelly pet tonic is a fantastic odour killer it is also a holistic cleaning solution that can be used everywhere your pet wanders. People have told us they won’t use anything else to clean their kitchen floors!

Where can I use it?
Anywhere and on anything. As libby's smelly pet tonic is made from 100% edible natural products you can experiment with it anywhere in the home and on any surface & not just those that your pet comes into contact with. Carpets, wood, natural stone, laminate, fabrics, painted surfaces – etc.

Can I use it on my pet?
Yes! As libby is a probiotic liquid you can spray it directly on your pet. Users often use it in the bath when washing their pet. For dogs it is a great fox poo spray and for cats it adds beneficial bacteria to their coat – just spray some on your hand and stroke your cat!

Can I use it in the washing machine?
Yes. Just pour a couple of glugs neat into the detergent drawer at the start of the cycle to wash all your pet’s bedding, jackets, towels etc. NO detergent required! Pets much prefer having their ‘things’ washed in pet tonic as it leaves no artificial smells behind. It might not smell like clean washing to you (from chemicals) but to them it is heaven!

How do I use it?
Pour 50ml of the concentrate into your 250ml spray bottle and dilute with normal tap water. Just use as a spray on anything you want to tackle. Spray in your car, in your home and even on your pet! The more you use it the more friendly bacteria and odour eating enzymes start to 'live' in your home and keep the whiffs at bay.

How does it work?
During the fermentation process the friendly bacteria present in the natural edible ingredients produce a number of different protealytic enzymes. It is these enzymes that give libby’s smelly pet tonic its cleaning power. The beneficial & friendly bacteria & other active impact mircroorganisms are wonderful odour eaters and importantly keep the odour causing bad bacteria at bay. It starts to ‘live’ in your home environment and through consistent use will stop all bad bacteria from reappearing.

Why should I use it?
We know you love your pet & harsh chemical cleaners are just too harmful to them. They are up close and personal with your surfaces and often have far greater sense of smell than we do. Libby’s smelly pet tonic leave these surfaces clean, ‘bad’ bacteria free and also free of any fragrance or perfume that can mess your pet’s head. Quite often your pet can also be very stinky - be it themselves, the 'presents' they leave for you or their odour left on your bed, sofa or in your car. You can be sure that when you use libby's smelly pet tonic you aren't exposing them, or you & your family to anything harmful, dangerous or toxic.

Can I use it neat?
Yes. For odours or stains that have been around a long-time or are particularly stubborn, libby's smelly pet tonic can be used neat. For any potentially sensitive surfaces (wood, laminate, fabric etc.) we strongly recommend you test it in an inconspicuous area first to ensure it doesn't affect the surface.

Is it safe?
It is completely safe. You can use it around your children, pets and all your family knowing that you aren’t exposing them to anything toxic or in any way detrimental to their health. If kids get hold of it and drink it then just give them a glass of water. If your pet drinks it they are effectively drinking a probiotic so it may even be beneficial for them! (Don't deliberately do this though as libby's smelly pet tonic is not tested nor licensed as a pet drink.)

Is it expensive?
No. It is actually cheaper than any chemically loaded or "green" product marketed specifically for pets. 500ml of concentrate will make 2.5litres of active libby's smelly pet tonic making it the most cost effective, safe & pet friendly solution available.

How long can I use it?
As a guide we say the diluted solution should be used within three weeks but it can stay active longer than that. To check it just sniff it! If it still smells fermented, that kind of sweet/sour slightly sharp pickled smell, then keep using it. If it smells vinegary then you need to make a new dilution. Great thing is you can pour the old pet tonic down the sink or into the toilet knowing that it will actually have a positive effect on your waste systems and help to keep your pipes clear!

I can see white bits floating on the top, does this mean it has gone off?
No, this is just dead soy bacteria and does not mean the liquid has gone off or become less effective. You can either leave them in the liquid (they are completely harmless) or strain them off. If strained off they make a great garden fertilizer!

There is sediment in the bottom, should I shake it up?
Yes, but not violently - you don't want it to fizz up when you open the bottle. Gently rotate the bottle top over tail to mix the sediment before pouring the concentrate into the spray bottle.

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  1. Libby Chan Smelly Pet Tonic review by Sandra on 14/01/2016

    I've used many products over the years, to combat smells, but since trying this product I will now never use anything else. As well as cats, I've three CKCS, sometimes it's unable to bath them, so I spray them with the solution and it gets rid of that horrible "doggy odour" I would highly recommend this product.

  2. Really does work review by Cathy on 14/12/2014

    I've been using this for some time for the puppy's accidents, but when our older dog rolled in something really smelly, I rubbed her over with baby wipes and then sprayed her with this and rubbed it in. I could still smell her when I walked in the room so thught I'd have to bath her - which I try to avoid as it triggers her skin complaint. After finishing off my task in hand I realised I couldn't smell the pong; my husband confirmed on coming in from outside that it had gone - it wasn't just that my nose had got accustomed to it. So - although there's no overpowering perfum-y smell to hide the pong, the ingredients really do combine with the smelly elements to neutralise them. I'm convinced!

  3. I love this product review by Julie on 03/11/2013

    This was recommended to me by a fellow cat breeder. I absolutely love the smell - not clinical but clean! It cuts through dirt much easier than the previous cleaners I've used. I not only use it for my cat pens but kitchen worktops and chopping boards. I also can't believe how long it lasts. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

  4. Quality review by nicola on 16/10/2013

    I have 2 very long haired dogs.Due to this they sometimes get hot and bothered and sweaty, and sometimes itchy. Since using this product on the dogs they smell lovely and the itchy one seems to be scratching a lot LESS.
    Spraying on bedding and their soft toys is also good. Cuts down the amount of laundering.
    I also have chickens. One was loosing a lot of feathers. She wasn't ill and there was no explanation, so I sprayed her and my other chickens with it and also sprayed their house. They all seem quite happy now and feathers are growing back on the one who was loosing them. We seem to have less flies around their area after using this product.

  5. Perfect for pooches! review by Kim on 07/10/2013

    My terrier is a devil for ditches, ponds and fox poo....after a bath I give her a spray all over with this and she smells a lot sweeter! I use it on her bedding and rugs and carpeted areas too. I keep a spray bottle handy and give her bed a spray most mornings...and i don't need to wash the bedding so often.

  6. Works wonders! review by Justine on 04/10/2013

    Something a little different, this product comes as a bottle of solution and a seperate spray bottle- you mix the product yourself, using a small amount of the concentrated solution mixed with water as directed. It does smell STRONG from the main bottle, but diluted and once it has been sprayed, your home definitely won't be left smelling of sour yoghurt and vinegar! Infact, quite the opposite.. this stuff is MAGIC! We use this in the area our African Pygmy Hedgehog runs around in, and on his wheel- no more poopy wheel whatsoever! He is almost deterred from toileting there which is fantastic for us as it is so much easier to clean his litter tray than his wheel every morning! Once the main bottle is opened you have three months to use it- serious value as I don't know we'll even be through our first spray bottle dilution in that time! One to buy and share with friends I reckon ;)

  7. Great product review by Eco Sue on 23/08/2013

    This product is really good - I have 5 dogs, a puppy and 2 cats living in my house so there are often accidents. I have already made up and used one spray bottle of this product in a week. I have noticed there is no nasty smell after I use this product which is great. If it was vegan it would be even better.

  8. perfect review by John on 14/08/2013

    I will be recomending this to my customers and will be getting some bought in for family and friends as well.

  9. Fantastic review by Laura on 09/08/2013

    I bought this because my dog loves to roll in the smelliest disgusting things he can find. It really does remove the smell of fox poo.
    I love the fact it's completely natural & that I don't have to bath him anymore. Baths with smelly shampoos aren't good for dogs & can actually make them smell worse..so this product is fantastic! I will definitely buy it again.

  10. Brilliant review by Lucy on 31/07/2013

    This is a great product. I bought some to use on our puppy's smelly bedding and little accidents. You just mix a little with water and spray it on - works fab, no smells left. It even seems to work on the patio when puppy has done a pee - after it's been sprayed he's not interested in revisiting the spot for another go. Would highly recommend it.

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