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If you came to Wikaniko to purchase moringa cheaply in the hopes of saving a bit of money and getting healthy, it isn't going to happen.

Here's why - please read fully and carefully:

smogMoringa is normally grown in the far east, or in tropical/sub-tropical climates. If the moringa is imported from say China, it could be full of contaminants by pollution from massive over-industrialisation (well documented). If the moringa is imported from countries like India and Africa, it could come from places where there is no sanitation, no running water, no electric, and dirt roads.

Indeed, some people have stated that they have purchased moringa products imported from those countries (for example dried leaves for tea) which actually contained cigarette ends, dead insects etc.


moringa africa

There are also various videos on the internet showing the moringa being harvested then washed in dirty bowls of water, on dirt floors and with livestock walking around (chickens, goats etc.) Furthermore, some exporters grind up dead leaves, and nutritionally devoid stalks etc., to bulk out the products and get a better price - because for them, every penny counts, even though the workers could be getting paid poor wages (and as such are not too particular about sanitary conditions or personal hygiene!) Therefore, it is important to deal only with suppliers who will guarantee their products to be free from contaminants, and which are grown, harvested and produced by fully accredited organisations.


We do not and never will compromise on quality for the sake of profit, or use unaccredited suppliers

Whilst there are some great companies that import good quality moringa from these countries, and whilst ethical producers take great care over the production, you cannot be sure where the moringa originates from, how it is produced, or what has been turned into powder etc. You need to verify the provenance, or you could be wasting all your money and getting no benefit whatsoever.

Why on earth take the chance with something as important as your health?

The Ultimate Moringa Experience

Wikaniko grows moringa on their own small scale production farm in Spain. This experimental project has been set up in order to fully understand this wonderful plant and its properties, growing challenges, etc. The whole process is overseen and inspected by the company owners. This project has been set up so that people can visit the farm, see how moringa is grown, and learn all about this extraordinary, life-giving tree. They can sit in the sun and practice harvesting the moringa, producing the various products from the plant, for their own education and use. We feel that by doing this and by involving people on a practical level, the moringa visitor will fully understand the benefits of the plant and be thus able to extol its virtues to their friends and family.

Wikaniko's moringa is grown without fertilisers or pesticides. The moringa is self-fertilising.eco

The process of drying the leaves is carried out by hand, using clean, pure osmosis water to wash the vegetation. The leaves are then stripped from the stalks by hand, to ensure that there is no contamination by machines (oil, fumes, diesel)  to the products.

Then the leaves (note: leaves only, not stalks) are air dried naturally for a short while, before being placed in dehydrators to kill off any remaining pathogens before being packaged as dried leaves for use in teas, smoothies etc. In total, the time from farm to fulfillment is less than 8 hours. The visitor can then relax after a hard days work under the setting sun, tucking into a well-deserved home cooked paella and a welcome glass of Sangria.

It is a truly memorable experience, and we envisage that the educational farm experience will enrich many people's lives in the years to come. We hope to attract visitors from all around Europe.

Note: At present, the farm is not commercially viable, but we hope that in the years to come, we will be able to produce a sufficient amount of moringa to meet the demand. We are also trialling a system for sending fresh moringa leaves to the UK (we sell most of the moringa locally that we currently produce).

RE moringa capsules:

Apart from being careful about the dried leaves,  we are also fastidious about what capsules we use. So fussy in fact, that we only purchase our vegetarian capsules from a manufacturer that supplies the major pharmaceutical companies, and we retain a Certificate of Analysis for BOTH the powder (which is obtained from a certified supplier) and the capsule itself

Apart from the capsule contents, here's why you need to be careful and avoid 'cheap' capsules : CLICK HERE TO READ

Re moringa oil:

Unfortunately, you cannot tell how pure it is unless you pay a laboratory to test it. For example, it is well known that a percentage of the olive oil sold worldwide is watered down with other oils and GMO oils. If a lot of olive oil is fake - just imagine what percentage of moringa oil is fake. Pure moringa oil is a rare and cherished commodity. Some companies sell either moringa oil diluted with cheaper oils or they just sell the cheap oil as moringa oil. So that really low priced moringa oil you found online is probably not a good deal - because it won't have much benefit at all.

So we don't provide 'cheap' moringa as it would be of little or no benefit to you. In the unlikelihood of ever running low on supplies due to seasonal fluctuations/demand we have access to an accredited worldwide supplier of both the oil and the powder products, to enable continuity of supply. We also use outside independent laboratories in the UK to further verify the quality of both the oil and the powder, from reputable companies who make the various products from the moringa, as the cost of machinery, skilled operators etc. would be prohibitive, apart from us as a company not being able to grow enough product ourselves to meet the increasing demand.

Actually, there is a way that you can obtain the moringa products that Wikaniko supplies at a healthy discount.

Register as a distributor, obtain your moringa for less, and help spread the word to the western world about this truly remarkable miracle plant....click on the Join Us link on the home page!

Please note - we do not make medical or dietary claims about the moringa products. It is for the visitor to gather the information from their own research, both by themsleves, and from, the various links that we produce from time to time.


Wikaniko's Moringa - fast being recognised as the No1 distributor of a great range of moringa products for the UK!


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